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Olight User_001667 14.09.2022 22:09
Andrew Ostrom 25.08.2022 23:54
Olight User_265155 25.08.2022 13:12
Ahmad M 23.08.2022 22:43
Morris Porter 23.08.2022 22:02
I purchased flashlights which were later recalled and I got nothing but a lack of response when I tried to get the recall honored. I will never purchase from your brand again, and I will be sure to let anyone interested in EDC to avoid the Olight brand. Just take a look at my purchase history and you will see that I have purchased flashlights which were later recalled.
Toby Andrews 22.08.2022 07:32
Ahmad M 09.08.2022 19:28
James Parish 08.08.2022 21:22
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