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The Piper Pilot 05.02.2023 15:43
Levi G 01.02.2023 18:05
Big Anthony 29.01.2023 13:41
Bob Mance 15.01.2023 18:05
Thomas Kaczmarek 14.01.2023 11:21
Wish OLight would make something like this. I got tired of holding both the leash and a light at night taking the dog out. In colder weather I like to keep one hand in my pocket for warmth. Jeeesh! I'm getting soft. LOL

I know other manufacturers make a product like this but honestly would like one from Olight with wireless charging. I had an extra i3T so I epoxied it to a retractable leash adding a bit of wood to brace the light and to adjust the angle up a bit. If you do make one, Olight, send me one as a thank you?

Levi G 14.01.2023 07:37
Olight User_792962 09.01.2023 20:28
Is anyone else having issues with the Arkfeld charger staying green and not charging the flashlight. I just bought one recently, fully charged it, used it until it was time to recharge, now i cant get it to charge.
Isaiah R 07.01.2023 07:49
David Stewart 07.01.2023 03:13
David Stewart 07.01.2023 03:13
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