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Don, Pompano Beach

Extremely fast turnaround, and the case I purchased, is just perfect. Will definitely shop with Olightsore again, thanks

Steven, Sibu

I owned several Olight flashlights. X7 marauder, X6 marauder, m3x_ut javelot, m2x-ut and several batons. Why? Because they have awesome built up quality and very reliable. Really fantastic flashlight.

Doods Dayto, Puerto Princesa City

Ive been a flashlight enthusiastbfor so long my country before offers commercial FLs and the best then was Mags. Until i saw last year an FB group called Flipino Flashlight Enthusiast. We had a meet up in the bar i worked and someone introduced me to S15r Baton. My life changed so to speak! its a small reliable FL that at one time saved us from goons (i work nights as a bartender and use public bus going home, goons are holduppers trying to alight the bus but being stopped by the bus conductor) when i flashed the strong light on them, my Olight Baton is a hero! Am on my second Olight as i moved to an island resort in Palawan (Blue Palawan Beach Club), we need a stronger light to watch over the kiteboarding equipment anchored across our resort, i just acquired an R50 Seeker for personal use, my good experience with the Baton makes me think of relability, quality and ease of use before many brands and stonger lumens presented to me as I asked people in the FB group. It is indeed good looking and it works great!!! Kudos Team Olight!!


Extremely well built flashlights. I have multiple o-lights and finally feel like I've found "the" flashlight I will use and no longer have to search for the best. I am an automotive technician and use flashlights everyday for work and after 5+ years of buying different brands and styles I'm finally happy and have no reason to try out any other lights. These lights are not only bright but the battery life is excellent, lasts me 2-3 days of use on one charge, and that's using it 8am-5pm, very small without feeling like it's going to break, durable, and best of all simple. It works with out having any extra features or buttons to get in the way, the magnetic tail cap is perfect for sticking it wherever you need so you can use both hands. I currently have 2 in rotation at work and one for home use and I have to the urge to just buy more because they are that great!!

Steven Holtzman, New Hyde Park

I have several models of these lights and they all have been used and abused on a daily basis. I have yet to see one fail and I can't say that for other brands. Sean in customer service is very knowledgeable and willing to help with anything I need. If you are looking for a flashlight that will exceed your needs and last a lifetime this is it.

Kyle Dague, Camino

I found these flashlights on a you tube review and ordered the S1 Baton and S2 Baton. I must say these lights are awesome. You will not be disappointed. The amount of light for such a small flashlight is incredible and the fit and finish makes it fun to use. Quality lights, buy one for yourself or buy them as gifts for your family and friends. Great company that stands behind their product. Kyle

David Seto, Jacksonville

I am some what a brand Loyal type of person when i research and buy items, and Olight is no exception, very nice rage of product and top level builds in regards to quality and performance. rechargeable series is very vast in products compared to competitor, and price points from Olight give you no reason to look any where else.I use them for work and personal for different purposes, hope to give any needed feedback \ ideas to help bring new and exciting products to us all.

Mike Robinson, Knoxville

The Olight S10R Batom II is the ultimate "back up flashlight"! Small in size, extremely bright and we'll built! Not to mention it weighs only a few ounces. Either clipped to your duty belt or inside the pocket for EDC. A no excuse not to carry flashlight!

Arva, New York

When it comes to long throw LED flashlights, Olight are the true masters

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