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Doods Dayto, Puerto Princesa City

Ive been a flashlight enthusiastbfor so long my country before offers commercial FLs and the best then was Mags. Until i saw last year an FB group called Flipino Flashlight Enthusiast. We had a meet up in the bar i worked and someone introduced me to S15r Baton. My life changed so to speak! its a small reliable FL that at one time saved us from goons (i work nights as a bartender and use public bus going home, goons are holduppers trying to alight the bus but being stopped by the bus conductor) when i flashed the strong light on them, my Olight Baton is a hero! Am on my second Olight as i moved to an island resort in Palawan (Blue Palawan Beach Club), we need a stronger light to watch over the kiteboarding equipment anchored across our resort, i just acquired an R50 Seeker for personal use, my good experience with the Baton makes me think of relability, quality and ease of use before many brands and stonger lumens presented to me as I asked people in the FB group. It is indeed good looking and it works great!!! Kudos Team Olight!!

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