✔ Powerful, Versatile, Reliable

RN 3500 provides a maximum of 3,500 lumens in a compact body that weighs only 110g. The hard-anodized aluminum body passed the high water pressure and temperature (-20°C~40°C) tests. Versatile and secure mounting methods. Mount on a helmet or bike to satisfy all your illumination needs.

 ✔ One Lamp for All Your Adventures

This lamp will light up your whole adventure, and allow you to enjoy the night riding with full passion.

✔ Magnific Power with Small Size

With the lightweight design, riders can hardly feel it on their bike or helmet.

✔ Advanced Thermal Management

Built-in temperature control system and cooling fin design assure high lighting performance.

✔ Flexible Mounting Choices

Compatible with both handlebar and helmet, the lamp satisfies versatile illumination demands according to the environment.

✔ Multifunctional Battery Pack

Portable 7.2V 5200mAh battery pack that can be used as a convenient power bank.

✔ Direct Battery Indicator

Easy-to-read battery indicator on the light head and battery pack.

NOTE: Available for 25.4mm, 28mm, 31.8mm, 35mm, and aero sharp handlebars.



Olight promise 2 year