The biggest giveaway of the year!

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The biggest giveaway of the year!

Share & Win Event

Olight is having a huge giveaway with $5000 in prizes to thank fans and customers for their incredible support! We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you!

$5000 in prizes includes 100 bestselling I3T keychain lights, 10 M2R Warriors and 3 different voucher levels (First prize: $1000, Second prize: $600, Third prize: $400)

From Oct. 1st to Dec. 6th 2018, Share any pictures and stories you have of the Olight products listed below on your own facebook or Instagram. If you are posting a picture or story on Instagram use the hashtag #olightgiveaway2018. If you are posting a picture on facebook, tag the @olightworld page in your post so that we can see your entries. you could win the grand prize including  1 i3T EOS + 1 M2R Warrior + $1000 voucher.

Products eligible for sharing on social media are: S1R II, PL MINI, PL-2, M2R, I3T (including desert tan, copper, laser, and titanium versions of these models)

(No purchase necessary to participate)

Rules to win each prize:

  1. Each Thursday we will select the 10 best photos and give 1 I3T EOS to each winner.
  2. From Thursday 12pm to Friday 12pm EDT., the 10 best photos will published on our official facebook page to vote on the best one. The Top 1 from the vote will be picked as the voucher competition candidate and will receive a free M2R Warrior and I3T EOS. The Voucher candidate of each week will be announced at 1pm EDT. each Friday.
  3. We will take the 10 voucher candidates from the previous vote to compete for the voucher main voucher prizes on Dec . 7th, and their shares will be published on our official facebook page for 2 days to vote. The top 3 will win the voucher prize respectively and results will be shown on Dec 10th at 1pm EDT.
  4. All pictures shared must be your originals.
  5. Please note: If your picture is selected for the contest, Olight reserves the right to post your photo for others to view.

I3T Winner

Voucher Candidate

Voucher Prize winner Oct.4th

1pm Oct.5th

1pm Dec.10th Oct.11th

1pm Oct.12th

12pm Oct.18th

1pm Oct.19th

12pm Oct.25th

1pm Oct.26th

12pm Nov.1st

1pm Nov.2nd

12pm Nov.8th

1pm Nov.9th

12pm Nov.15th

1pm Nov.16th

12pm Nov.22nd

1pm Nov.23rd

12pm Nov. 29th

1pm Nov.30th

12pm Dec. 6

1pm Dec.7th


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