✔ Discreet Carry AAA Powerhouse

The I3T EOS is a slim tail switch flashlight powered by a single AAA battery with a max output of 180 lumens.

✔ Incredibly Illumination Experience

With a tactical tail switch, unique milling, premium beam and multiple carrying options, the I3T is an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere.

✔ Small But Mighty

Using the full potential of AAA batteries, the I3T reaches an incredible 180 lumens which is twice the output of our I3E AAA battery flashlight. The I3T takes up barely any space in the pocket making this the perfect flashlight on the go.

✔ Perfect Tail Switch

An auxiliary spring is hidden underneath the switch making operations crisp and easy.

✔ Unique Milling

The I3T body features a double helix milling pattern resembling DNA that not only enhances grip but gives your light a unique style.

✔ Premium Beam

The included TIR optic lens produces a particularly soft and balanced beam profile to preserve comfortable vision.

✔ Upgraded Pocket Clip

The I3T includes an upgraded dual-direction pocket clip that has an even wider and sturdier arm for a more firm attachment. The pocket entry clamp is also wider making it easy to slip into thicker pants or a backpack strap.