Watch the video below to know more details about i3T EOS Pink Camouflage


✔ The i3T EOS Pink Camouflage

All the proceeds from the sales of i3T pink camouflage will be donated to breast cancer foundations(USA).

✔ Pink Camouflage

A pink that comes with strength and resilience.For those fighting with breast cancer.

✔ Small And Mighty

Powered by a single AAA battery, the light delivers a max output of 180 lumens and its beam distance reaches 60 meters.

✔ Smooth Operations

The tail switch, with silicone pearls on the surface and a spring underneath, makes operations crisp and easy.

✔ Unique Style

It features a double helix body knurling, with which the light provides a solid grip and a unique style as well.

✔ Premium Beam

Paired with the TIR optic lens, the light produces a soft and balanced beam.