✔ Combine Practicality & Performance

The pocket-size flashlight i5UV EOS uses a high-efficiency 365nm ultraviolet LED with 1500mW output, which especially performs better in illuminating pet stains, detecting counterfeit currency and spotting scorpions.

i5 UV EOS LED Flashlight

 ✔ Unique Design

Blue casing with splash-dyed magenta dots, double helix body knurling for excellent ventilation and solid grip.

Uniquely designed i5 UV EOS

✔ Versatile Applications

High-efficiency 365nm UV LED flashlight, perfect for revealing invisible stains, detecting scorpions and minerals, and much more.

Flashlight with 365nm UV LED

✔ Multi-functional Flashlight Exploration

Explore more possibilities for ultraviolet light and bring more surprises and fun into your daily life. A good UV flashlight that you must carry every day.

Multifunctional flashlight i5 UV EOS

✔ Rugged and Durable

Lightweight and functional, the new flashlight suitable for outdoor exploration activities. Accompany you to experience the wonder and unknown of nature.

Rugged and durable UV LED Flashlight

✔ Everyday Carry for Exploration

Made of aluminum alloy, the pocket-size UV LED flashlight is IPX8 waterproof, making it strong and useful in most conditions.

UV LED Flashlight with IPX8 waterproof function

✔ Easy-to-reach Power

One-button easy operation, the included two-way pocket clip and lanyard hole deliver a user- friendly experience.

Easy to carry UV LED Flashlight