imini-Light up your little world!

imini-Light up your little world!

imini-Light up your little world!

Dear Olight fans, during the summer sale in July, we have launched a very cost-effective tiny flashlight called imini red. If you are looking for tiny flashlight, imini red is definitely your best choice.

Do not forget, only when log in can you take away the imini for only $4.99.

Basic features:

● 1.38in. length and 0.54in. Body Diameter quick-release tiny flashlight. Turn it on by simply detaching the body from the magnetic cap.

● This tiny flashlight has a magnetic base to attach to iron surfaces, leaving both hands free to do other things.

● Paired with a PC lens, its high-performance LED produces a wide and balanced output of 10 lumens and a runtime of 30 minutes.

● Made of Aluminum, 1.5-meter drop resistance.

● Powered by 3 LR41 button cells, replace easily, and with three extra batteries for free.

Outstanding features:


As a quick-release tiny flashlight, the imini is so tiny that it's even smaller than a Bluetooth headset. If you are searching for something lightweight, but don't mind it being small-sized, this is a great way to get ahead of the game. imini tiny flashlight not only will not add any extra bulk to your keychain but also allow you to carry it wherever you go.

mini flashlight, tiny flashlight, keychain flashlight


It is worth noting that imini tiny flashlight has a user-friendly design with a magnetic base that can be attached to the iron surface, thus freeing up your hands and giving you a light and comfortable experience without adding a burden.

mini flashlight, tiny flashlight, keychain flashlight


The most entertaining feature of imini tiny flashlight is that the light can be quickly released and turned on by simply detaching/pulling the body from the magnetic cap which sets it apart from other products. In this way, it makes it possible for the quick and effortless use of light.

mini flashlight, tiny flashlight, keychain flashlight

After reading the contents, do you have a hankering for the imini tiny flashlight? If so, click here to take it away!

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