Olight M22 Warrior

Series: M-Olight
Product Code: M22 Warrior

The M22 Warrior is a high-output tactical flashlight with a tail switch and a family of optional tactical accessories.





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The M22 Warrior is a high-output tactical flashlight with a tail switch and a family of optional tactical accessories. The newest, highly efficient CREE XM-L2 LED cuts through the dark, throwing an absolutely blazing 950 lumens out to a thousand feet. Powered by two CR123A batteries, the M22 features three brightness levels and a strobe mode, easily set by the mode selector built into the head. The tail switch allows momentary activation as well as clicking on and off. The knurled, hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body prevents rolling and works perfectly with the various tactical techniques for employing a light, including the Harries, FBI, neck index, and cigar methods, among others. Available accessories provide even more flexibility for mounting the light to weapons and utilizing a pressure switch. When you need maximum light output in a compact tactical flashlight, reach for the M22.

  • Uses the newest Cree XM-L2 LED for maximum output.
  • High efficiency intelligent driver circuit allows maximum 950 lumens of output & 305 meter beam projection.
  • Enhanced tactical application; directly quick click for highest output or strobe (via tail button) from OFF position.
  • Three adjustable brightness levels (low-medium-high). The modes of the light can be accessed by twisting the head.
  • Thick stainless steel bezel protects the lens, and makes a great defensive tool.
  • Anti-scratch type III hard anodizing aluminum body.
  • Large surface area of heat sink on its head, allowing for efficient heat dissipation.
  • High efficiency smooth reflector
  • Ultra-clear lens with anti-reflective coating allows 99% light transmission
Light Form focused spot size.
Light Intensity (candela) 23.256
Max. Performance (lumens) 950
Beam Distance 305 m / 1000 ft
Level 1 950 lumeni-1h (regular batteries) -2h 27m (rechargeable batteries)
Level 2 250 lumens-3h (regular batteries) -6h 30m (rechargeable batteries)
Level 3 20 lumens - 30h (regular batteries) - 70h (rechargeable batteries)
Level 4 strobe-10Hz
Compatible Batteries 2 x CR123A (regular batteries) or 1 x 18650 (rechargeable batteries)
Led 1 x Cree XM-L2
Waterproof IPX8
Weight 146 g / 5.15 oz
Length x Body Diameter 144 x 41 mm / 5.66 x 1.61
Packaging ABS transport box
Package Contents flashlight, white filter, holster, battery magazine, lanyard, O-ring, silicon rubber boot, user manual
Use hunting, tactical and military actions, security and protection, naval.
Warranty 5 years

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