Marauder 2

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● Max 14,000 lumens with an 800-meter beam distance

● Toggle switch to quickly change from spotlight and floodlight modes

● Knob switch for instant activation and output changes

● USB-C rechargeable for quick charging or power bank function discharging


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    ✔ Extremely powerful and flexible

    The Marauder 2 is an upgraded version of the X7R Marauder. Featuring an 800-meter spotlight beam from the central LED, and a 14000-lumen floodlight beam from 12 surrounding LEDs.

    Marauder 2 high lumen powerful flashlight parameter

     ✔ Powerful Light Source

    Secure light source for outdoor exploration. 14,000-lumen floodlight to illuminate a large area like the daytime. You will be able to see everything around you.

    Marauder 2 powerful flashlight 14000 lumens

    ✔ Free Conversion in Hand

    A simple toggle switch to select either spotlight or floodlight.The toggle switch at the middle is quick to select either spotlight or floodlight, while the upper rotary knob is intuitive to adjust brightness levels.

    Marauder 2 can quickly switch spotlight or floodlight

    ✔ Double Button Cooperative Power

    Flip the toggle switch to choose between each light form. Rotate the knob switch to adjust output. Quick and simple.

    Powerful flashlight that can easily adjust output power

    ✔ Equipped With Powerful Power Supply

    Capable of 30W charging and 30W reverse charging. Only take 2.5 hours to fully charge. Able to charge a phone, a pad, or any device that uses a USB-C power source.

    Marauder 2 with powerful power supply

    ✔ Smart Lockout & Unlocking

    An intuitive rotary knob switch to turn on the light and circle through 7 output levels. (Note: Rotate the knob switch quickly over 90 degrees to unlock it.)

    Marauder 2 has smart unlocking and locking

    ✔ Built-in proximity sensor

    Safest in its class as it has a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to protect against overheating and obstruction.

    Marauder 2 with high security

    ✔ New Interface Design

    Its upgraded USB-C charging port allows fast charging and reverse charging, and is shielded by a port cover resembling aperture blades.

    The newly designed Marauder 2 high lumen powerful flashlight

    ✔ Protect the Interface

    The USB-C port itself is waterproof and it is shielded against dust by an aperture-blade-style port cover that can be opened and closed by twisting the tail cap.

    Marauder 2 with high waterproof performance



    Marauder 2 powerful flashlight 14000 lumensMarauder 2 can quickly switch spotlight or floodlightPowerful flashlight that can easily adjust output powerMarauder 2 with powerful power supplyMarauder 2 has smart unlocking and lockingMarauder 2 with high securityThe newly designed Marauder 2 high lumen powerful flashlightMarauder 2 with high waterproof performanceOLIGHT PROMISE

    Beam Distance (ft) 2,625
    Beam Distance (m) 800
    Max. Performance (lumens) 14,000
    Charge type USB-C Charging Cable
    Compatible Batteries Customized Three 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries (Built-in)
    Light Intensity (candela) 50,600 (Floodlight); 160,000 (Spotlight)
    Light Form High Performance Cool White LEDs
    Lens / Reflector Type

    TIR Lens & Converging Lens

    Mode Operation Rotary Knob Switch & Toggle Switch
    Form/Size Factor Medium Size
    Series Series MARAUDER
    LIGHTING LEVELS(Floodlight)
    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 200
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    200 lumens;

    • 40 hours - run-time
    • 755 cd - intensity
    • 55m - beam distance
    LEVEL 2 (lumens) 400
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    400 lumens;

    • 22 hours - run-time
    • 1,400 cd - intensity
    • 75 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 3 (lumens) 800
    Run-time LEVEL 3


    • 13 hours- run-time
    • 3,000 cd - intensity
    • 110 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 4 (lumens) 1,600
    Run-time LEVEL 4


    • 450 Minutes - run-time
    • 6,000 cd - intensity
    • 155 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 5 (lumens) 3,200~1,600~800~400~200
    Run-time LEVEL 5


    • 90+90+10+10+70 Minutes - run-time
    • 11,550 cd - intensity
    • 215 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 6 (lumens) 6,400~3,200~1,600~800
    Run-time LEVEL 6


    • 13+120+40+22 Minutes - run-time
    • 22,500 cd - intensity
    • 300 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 7 (lumens) 14,000~3,200~1,600
    Run-time LEVEL 7


    • 5+140+45 Minutes - run-time
    • 50,600 cd - intensity
    • 450 m - beam distance
    LIGHTING LEVELS(Spotlight)
    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 50
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    50 lumens;

    • 59hours - run-time
    • 10,000 cd - intensity
    • 200m - beam distance
    LEVEL 2 (lumens) 100
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    100 lm;

    • 31hours - run-time
    • 22,500 cd - intensity
    • 300 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 3 (lumens) 200
    Run-time LEVEL 3


    • 19hours - run-time
    • 40,000 cd - intensity
    • 400 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 4 (lumens) 300
    Run-time LEVEL 4


    • 700minutes - run-time
    • 62,500 cd - intensity
    • 500 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 5 (lumens) 500~300~200~100~50~6
    Run-time LEVEL 5


    • 360+25+15+80+110minutes - run-time
    • 90,000 cd - intensity
    • 600 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 6 (lumens) 650~500~300~200~100
    Run-time LEVEL 6


    • 115+180+20+20+85minutes - run-time
    • 122,500 cd - intensity
    • 700 m - beam distance
    LEVEL 7 (lumens) 850~650~500~300~200~100
    Run-time LEVEL 7


    • 20+170+85+25+15+85minutes - run-time
    • 160,000 cd - intensity
    • 800 m - beam distance
    Strobe Yes, 6,400 lumens, 13Hz


    Waterproof IPX8
    Weight (g / oz) 750 / 26.5
    Length (mm / in) 140 / 5.51
    Head Diameter (mm / in) 79 / 3.11
    Body Diameter (mm / in) 53 / 2.09
    Led TIR Lens & Converging Lens
    Packaging Gift Box
    Use Search and Rescue, Outdoors, Military, Law Enforcement
    Package Contents
    • Marauder 2 (Batteries Built-in) x 1
    • 0.8-meter USB-C(C2C) Cable x 1
    • Power Adapter x 1
    • Lanyard x 1
    • User Manual x 1
    Customer Reviews
    1. Easy to use
      Very nice light ,bright and well made

      Review by

      Posted on

    2. Packs a punch.
      First of all this light is a great light. Extremely bright and I prefer the square spot over the circular. Only reason its getting 4 stars is because this light should have come in a hard carrying case for the price... also if the batteries need to be replaced and the light is out of warranty it would be a nightmare.

      Review by

      Posted on

    3. Good, but not perfect.
      Overall I like this light a lot. It has an amazing brightness for the light of this size and two modes. Some people complain about square beam, but I actually find it a better choice over circle and definitely unique. It's compact enough to not be a problem to carry around. It has a proper USB-C charging port and even included 30W charger with cable. Definitely a nice addition in a day a and age when charges get removed from the boxes, not added to them. It can even server a rugged and waterproof power bank with really nice capacity.
      It's not all rainbows and unicorns though. Batteries are not easily replaceable and it has not carrying case or even a basic holster included. One would expect that from a light with this price tag. I hope they will add either of these down the line at least as an additional accessory. I would also mention lanyard being a cheap nylon garbage that immediately went into trash, but most people probably don't use those anyway. Seriously though Olight. How hard is it to make those from paracord and not garbage quality nylon? Anyways.
      To summarize. This is a good light if you have a budget for it. If you see a discount, I'd say go for it and you won't regret it.

      Review by

      Posted on

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