May | Feedback on Ofan's Suggestions

May | Feedback on Ofan's Suggestions

Jun 06, 2022, 06:15:00

May| Feedback on Customers’ Suggestions


● Introduction

● Sources of suggestions

● Suggestions Adopted by Olight

● Five improvements made by Olight

● Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed


Olight has always been committed to listening to our customers and creating the best experience for them. Starting now, we will publish a monthly blog giving responses to customer suggestions and opinions. This is all a part of Olight's corporate philosophy of being as customer-centricity as possible. 

II、Sources of Suggestions

We have collected a mass of customer suggestions from sources such as email, live chat, and our social media platforms. After gathering and reviewing them all, we quickly published the results for you to see. Here are the two surveys and feedback we posted in May.

i、May Satisfaction Survey



ii、Poll on Areas You’d Like Olight to Focus



III、Suggestions Adopted by Olight

We adopted 12 suggestions from our customers. For more details, please click the Links to Feedback in the sheet above.


1. Release more different materials and colors of the iXV.

2. Launch some new products in the third quarter.

3. Launch a Perun 2 Mini with a red light in the fourth quarter of this year.

4. Develop mounting plates to allow Baldr S to fit on multiple guns.

5. Upgrade the glue on the screws of PL Mini 2 to make the screws more stable.

ii、Olight Store:

6. Consider increasing the chances of spinning the wheel during our larger events. 

7. O’Pen Mini ODG will be sold as a regular item during the sale.

8. Set up a dedicated team to optimize and improve the loading speed of the website.


9. List the work schedules of customer service to make it easy to find the corresponding rep on Facebook in a timely manner.

10. Develop the online After-sales Warranty function. At present, we have developed an online After-sales Warranty function, you can check the FAQ on the official website to learn more. Here are the steps to apply for an after-sales warranty.

Login to your account——“view all orders"——"more details"——"After sales"——choose "Repair"——fill the blank——complete the application.


11. Reduce batch shipping, improve our shipping process, and make adequate preparation in terms of human and material resources.

12. Gradually reduce the use of bubble mailers and increase the number of boxes for packing materials. For some small orders, we may still use the envelopes currently.

IV、 Five improvements made by Olight

During this May Flash Sale, in order to improve the experience of our customers, we have made five improvements.

① More convenient information checkout process

While our customers enter the shipping address, we just need to fill in our Name in an input box, instead of filling in the First Name and Last Name respectively which can help customers quickly enter their information, ensuring their smooth shopping process.

② Optimized default star rating

Previously, it will automatically default to a five-star after our customers leave a review and they have no idea that they can click again to select a star rating, which means there are no clear guidelines for choosing a star rating while they comment which is unclear and possibly misleading to our customers. In response to feedback, the default star rating of 5 stars has changed to the unselected state and the title copy will be-*Score:(Please click to select a star rating).

③ Less complicated free item rules

The products that are only free to get after you log in are not available for those who have not registered an account. With an intention to allow customers to quickly register and log in to get this product, we have added a quick registration pop-up button on the details page of this type of product. In this way, our customers can quickly register and log in, qualifying them to get this product. But please notice that the product will be added to your cart automatically after you log in.

④ Add an Olight sitemap

To make things as easy as possible for our customers we have added an Olight sitemap, allowing our customers to quickly browse to other pages including the home page, directory page, and blog page. In this way, our website will become more user-friendly, especially for those new users. (You can access the Sitemap from the Help & Support module at the bottom of the page)

⑤ Optimization of the order maintenance function

With an intention of meeting customer needs, we promise that no matter which channel customers buy Olight products, they can be repaired or replaced as long as it is within the warranty period. All you need to do is to enter your relevant information as shown in the pictures below. (You can access Warranty and Repair from the Help & Support module at the bottom of the page.)

V、 Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

We sincerely invite all of you to join in and follow our improvements. We welcome any opinions and suggestions, simply send us an email at or contact any Olight representative on Olight’s official social media platforms. We will follow up, listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.

Let’s conquer the darkness and proudly light up the world anytime, anywhere!

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Awesome improvements

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Awesome improvements

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