✔ Colorful Lights And Built-in Motion Sensor

The Obulb MCs is a mini LED light which is featuring warm white light, RGB light and color-changing light.

✔ Fantastic Light Colors

By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can select from 8 light modes for camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, ambience lighting, signaling, party decoration, etc.

✔ Smart On/Off Motion Sensor

The built-in motion sensor turns on while the Obulb MCs is charging in a dark environment. Auto on/off for hands-free convenience and safety.

✔ Simple Magnetic Charging

Quickly recharged by the magnetic charging in 1.5 hours, the built-in 630mAh rechargeable battery allows up to 40 hours of runtime. 

✔ Magnetic To Attach Around

With the included adhesive metal badge, just attach the Obulb MCs anywhere you need light.

✔ Floating Light

IPX7 waterproof - the cool addition to your bathtub or pool.

✔ Tougher Than It Looks

Spherical structure made with durable materials. The Obulb MCs can easily withstand hard drops.

✔ Your Outdoor Light Buddy

Compact to carry and perfect to put anywhere around your campsite. Step up those trips with friends and family.

✔ Soft Light For Sleep

Long-lasting soft warm and eye-caring light. Bring enough to feel safe. Soft enough to not interrupt your sleep.

✔ Signaling Tool

A flashing red light mode for breakdowns or as a beacon. A trustworthy light source is always by your side.

✔ Feel Lucky To Find More

Access the special 30-second color spin randomly while clicking constantly for over 20 times. The duration can be extended by solving interesting challenges.