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October | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

October | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

Nov 05, 2022, 09:00:00

October | Feedback on Customer Suggestions


● Introduction

● Sources of suggestions

● Suggestions Adopted by Olight

● Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

I. Introduction

Olight has always been committed to listening to our customers and creating the best experience for them. Starting this month, Olight will publish a blog every month to give feedback on customer suggestions and opinions. This is the implementation of Olight's corporate philosophy and strategy of "customer-centricity".

II、Sources of Suggestions

We collected customers’ suggestions from email, live chat, and social media platforms. After recording and analyzing them, we published the feedback in a timely manner. Here are the two surveys and feedback we posted in October.

1) September Satisfaction Survey



2) Poll on Areas You’d Like Olight to Focus on



III. Suggestions Adopted by Olight

We adopted 21 suggestions from our customers. For more details, please check the Links to Feedback in the sheet above. 

i. Product:

1. Upgraded Open Mini with longer dimensions is expected to be launched in the second quarter of next year.

2. A two-way pocket clip will be added to an upgraded Arkfeld.

3. We will add the option to turn on /off the sleep mode of the Obulb Pro for the user once we determine the best way to do so in the UI.

4. We are developing a small-size Obulb, expected to be available next year.

5. We plan to upgrade I3E, Sigurd Mlock, and handheld LEP/Warrior X LEP version.

6. We plan to make an I5T Plus rechargeable version.

7. More colors of Obulb are already in plan.

8. Smaller lights were rechargeable, like the Imini already in plan.

9. We will improve extra clips for Gober.

10. Upgraded Nightour will meet more lumens and a charging port or two.

11. We will improve flashlights need clips on the later lights.

12. An ample light has a throw and a flood will plan to make on the Marauder 3.

ii. Olight Store:

13. We will consider Gift Card.

14. It is not legal to state the type,so we need to list the products that may be available in the listing of the Mystery box.

15. We will release DIY Bundle soon.

16. We have already fixed the bug of surprising gift was listed in the order.

17. All out-of-stock products will be restocked in time. Manufacturing and logistics need some time.

18. We have developed to subscribe to the arrival notification function. There is an arrival reminder function. It will be available after testing.

19. Thanks for “Add color preference tags to account information” this idea,But we don’t have a plan for this at this time.

20. We have a function that we can sort by price from high to low or low to high at our store on the computer side. We will add this function to our store on the mobile side soon.

iii. Logistic:

21. We will continue to use Four Seasons shipping.

V. Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

We sincerely invite all of you to join in and follow our improvements. We welcome any opinions and suggestions, simply send an email to or contact any Olight representative on Olight’s official social media platforms. We will follow up, listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.

Let’s conquer the darkness and proudly light up the world, anytime, anywhere!

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