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OSTATION——Fight with you against the Power Outage

OSTATION——Fight with you against the Power Outage

OSTATION——Fight with you against the Power Outage

On September 1, 2022, a huge heat wave which is the worst of the year is hitting much of the Western United States. For some, a heat wave might sound like an excuse to run around with a hose or into some sprinklers. In reality, though, heat waves are no laughing matter. They are serious weather phenomena that can be quite dangerous. Take the current power shortage, for example, the California government declared a statewide grid emergency and may implement rotating power restrictions due to the extreme heat and dry weather. During a dangerous time like this, we are very concerned and wish to offer some help. OSTATION, a portable backup power station, can fight with you against the power outage!

How OSTATION be of help?

Large Capacity & Fast Charging

OSTATION, as a portable backup power station, has a large 230.88Wh capacity and the side of the unit features 1 AC outlet, 1 Type-C PD port, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 DC car cigarette lighter socket. The AC outlet provides stable high output, strong enough to power a mini refrigerator or your television. The USB and other ports can easily charge your tablet or cellphone. With the included AC adapter, the OSTATION can be fully charged in only about 6 hours. You can also charge it with a solar panel or a PD USB power source.

Easy to carry

Though its body is made of aluminum alloy, this power station weighs only 3.26kg and can be easily carried around with one hand using the soft TPU handle. Small but highly integrated, the portable OSTATION is designed to power your road trip or household appliances during power outages.

Special offer

Yesterday, we launched a Special Offer for OSTATION with up to 30% discount and hope it can help give you the power you need on demand and bring you some illumination! Here is the detailed information about this Special Offer.





Flashsale Price                









OSTATION Bundle                


OSTATION + i5T Plus Black (CW)                






OSTATION+ Obulb Basalt Grey + Obulb Wine Red                






OSTATION + Baton 3 Silver Color                






OSTATION + Olantern Classic 2 Lite Clay Beige                






OSTATION + Warrior Mini 2 Black                





Hope every O-Fans can be safe and bring your OSTATION against the power outage!

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Sean Falls

I love my Ostation for many reasons. I've had it for some time now and it's come in very handy as a 110V power source in my work truck to top off my high energy consumption tools. It takes much of the load I used to rely on my vehicles battery for and it's come in very handy at keeping my Olight Flashlights topped off so they're ready at any given time. I've yet to use it during a power outage, but I did use it to power my 55" OLED TV ,Cable Box and Wifi Router and I got 2.4 Hours of Run Time!!

Posted on: Dec 28, 2022, 11:43:58