RN 1500

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● Perfect bike headlight for MTB riding and road cycling

● Max 1,500 lumen output powered by a 21700 5000mAh battery

● Fasten securely to a handlebar (3 different sizes),or under GoPro camera mount

● Anti-glare lens to avoid disturbing others and increase ride safety

NOTE: Fits handlebar diameter 28.6-35mm (3 sizes of straps offered)

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    NOTE: Fits handlebar diameter 25.4/31.8/35mm.


    ✔ Born to Take Challenges

    With this specially designed IPX7 waterproofed RN 1500, any serious cycling demands and challenging riding conditions will be fulfilled.

    Born to take challenges RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

     ✔ The Monster in the Dark

    By delivering a maximum output of 1,500 lumens and 164-meters long distance, RN 1500 is the only shining monster in the dark.

    The Monster in the Dark RN1500 Bicycle Front Light


    Commuting, road cycling, or MTB Riding? No matter what kind of riding you need, RN 1500 always fulfill your requirements.

    Multi Application RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

    ✔ High Efficiency Optical Lens

    With the high effciency optical lens, the maximum 1,500 lumens output is ensured to work on any serious conditions. The condisderable side lighting design also provides riders with more attention.

    High Efficiency Optical Lens RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

    ✔ Anti-Glare Beam Light

    To reduce visual distractions for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians, the Anti-Glare light is distributed to a safe cut-off line.

    Anti-Glare Beam Light RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

    ✔ USB-C Charging & Discharging Port

    The new intruduced USB-C charging and discharging integration port brings riders an easy and convenient charging experience.

    USB-C Charging & Discharging Port RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

    ✔ Power Beyond Its Size

    With the small and compact design, RN 1500 comes with a high capacity 21700 battery with 5000 mAh superior power. With the 12.5 hours max run time, RN 1500 will be your only powerful, reliable companion in the dark.

    Power Beyond Its Size RN1500 Bicycle Front Light

    Reliable Bicycle Front Light RN1500


    Olight promise 2 year

    Born to Take Challenges Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    The Monster in the Dark Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    Multi Application Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    High Efficiency Optical Lens Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    Anti-Glare Beam Light Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    USB-C Charging & Discharging Port Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    Power Beyond Its Size Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    Reliable Bicycle Front Light RN1500

    Olight 2 year promise

    Beam Distance (ft) 538
    Beam Distance (m) 164
    Max. Performance (lumens) 1500
    Charge type USB-C Charging
    Compatible Batteries 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Battery
    Lens / Reflector Type Anti-Glare Lens
    Mode Operation Side Switch
    Form/Size Factor Medium size (Permanent Marker)
    Series Bike Light Series
    Unique Characteristics

    ● Perfect bike headlight for MTB riding and road cycling

    ● Max 1,500 lumens output and 12.5h runtime via 21700 5000mAh battery

    ● Quick Installation: twist to attach/detach, easy to remove if needed

    ● Easy Operation: 3 steady and 2 flash modes

    ● Anti-glare Lens Design: to avoid disturbing others and increase riding safety

    ● Power Indication: 3 stage built in battery indicator shows power status in real time

    NOTE: Fits handlebar diameter 28.6-35.0mm (3 sizes of straps offered). 

    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 1500
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    100 minitues

    LEVEL 2 (lumens) 750
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    4 hours

    LEVEL 3 (lumens) 300
    Run-time LEVEL 3 12.5 hours
    LEVEL 4 (lumens) Flash 1 (0-750 lumens)
    Run-time LEVEL 4 11.5 hours
    LEVEL 5 (lumens) Flash 2 (0-750 lumens)
    Run-time LEVEL 5 10 hours
    Waterproof IPX7
    Weight (g / oz) 172 / 6.06
    Length (mm / in) 107 / 4.21
    Head Diameter (mm / in) 31.0 / 1.22
    Body Diameter (mm / in) 31.0 / 1.22
    Led Luminus SST-40
    Packaging Carton gift box
    Use road cycling, MTB riding
    Package Contents
    • RN 1500 (Batteries included)×1
    • Handlebar Mount ×1
    • GOPRO Mount ×1
    • Silicone Strap x3
    • USB-C Cable ×1
    • 3mm Hex x1
    • User Manual ×1
    Customer Reviews
    1. Great Bike Light
      I just used the RN 1500 yesterday on my road bike ride. The light is very bright! I love the USB-C charging and the handlebar mount is the best I have used thus far. It's a beautiful looking light as well very streamlined. I only have 1 thing that I would improve on it. When you're out of the saddle climbing the light can hit you in the face and blind you. If there was a small lip on the top of the light housing that that would prevent the light from hitting you in the face that would be helpful. When sitting on the bike pedaling it is not a problem at all just when standing over the bars climbing. Beside that best light I have used. I'm coming from a Nightrider Lumina 1200.

      Review by

      Posted on

    2. So far, pretty awesome
      Just to quantify, I am a commuter cyclist and ride mainly on roads and wide trails. The light is mounted on a cross bike with drop style bars.

      I got this light last week and have it side-by-side against a Light & Motion Urban 800. Light pattern is great, fairly narrow beam about the width of two lanes at 40 ft. out. Light color is very white, not blue at all. I run it on low only. The higher settings are almost too bright for oncoming traffic. But on the high settings it's awesome. The center aim is extremely bright. It doesn't waste light to the outside edges and make a perfect commuting light, however, I do notice the tree branches above now. But the best thing is the battery life. My commute is 85-90 minutes one way every day. L&M best battery life on low setting is four rides. I'm going on my eighth ride and the RN1500 still shows full green. May not be a big deal to some, but to me in the winter months, I'm used to having to charge every day riding dark to and from work.

      Weight is a little heavier than the L&M. Mounting is the same as Garmin, rotary lock. The only issue I see is that it doesn't allow you to any rotation left or right so it must be mounted straight ahead. This isn't a big deal. There's a little built in, flush visor on the top of the lens that keeps the light low but I have noticed it in my eyes if I climb out of the saddle.

      Overall it's a winner. I'll update later as I get more time with it.

      Review by

      Posted on

    3. Best Bike Light On The Market
      I have bought several bike lights for my grandson’s bike only to have them fail one way or the other. I was to the point where He was restricted to daylight rides only then Olight saved the day! I own several Olight products and I knew this bike light would be top quality and it is! I bought the combo RN1500 and the seemee together and I was not disappointed. The lights are super bright and tough. Now my grandson is happy and safe and I have peace of mind knowing his bike is well lit. Thank you again Olight for saving the day or night!

      Review by

      Posted on

    4. AWESOME
      This light is amazing. I’ve bought a 30-40 dollar light then I got a 20 dollar light. Which claim high lumens, the first light was okay. After those, olight came out with this and what a freaking difference. So much so that I’ve gotten complemented by people on how good it works. Then I tell them this is just the low setting. It lights up the signs like a car which stood out right away to me. Haven’t tried It at dark in the Trails yet since I bought it just to ride around at night in my neighborhood. But i will just for fun and see how it does.

      Review by

      Posted on

    5. Decent light, but beam pattern sucks on handlebar
      -I bought this light for the simplicity of an integrated battery and the USB-C charger. For that, 5 stars.

      Less Pros, but not all Cons:
      -I am not a fan of the GoPro mount and the strap mount for the handlebar but so far, it survived few rides.
      -You need tools to re-adjust the light, if needed.

      -I really don't like the beam pattern as it is was too narrow and only light up straight in front of you, not very functional. A wider flood beam would have been so nice for mountain biking.
      -I wish that a full helmet mount was available as I don't own any GoPro.

      Overall, it is a decent light but I am simply not impressed. The beam pattern is a big turn off for me compared to my other lights. It does not light up the trail like the reviews are showing.

      Review by

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    6. Functionally good
      Functionally the light is great. Great clarity, power, battery life and spread. But, mounting. I’ve got mine mounted under my computer, haven’t tried the bar mount so it may differ from my experience. The go pro style mount works and holds steady vertically but there is very little tension against horizontal movement. Mine gets rotated out of position if I turn my bars far enough to either side and the light comes into contact with a cable. Also the front of the light is specifically designed to be mounted in the original upright configuration. The front cover with the anti glare lines become pointless if you mount it upside down. In addition, the lens cover continues down under the edge of the light body creating a glaringly bright spot if your computer isn’t big enough to cover it (or everyone’s favorite, electrical tape has worked for me so far)

      Review by

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