✔ The S1R Baton II (Patriotic Edition) is a new member of Olight popular S1R Baton II.

✔ It is the second generation of Olights flagship rechargeable single CR123A/RCR123A powered side-switch EDC flashlight.

✔ This extremely compact flashlight reaches an incredible max output of 1,000 lumens.

✔ The second-generation TIR optic lens pushes the beam to a new level with unmatched clarity and balanced hotspot.

✔ The magnetic rechargeable tailcap is integrated into a unibody design for a more streamlined and refined look producing a smaller profile.

✔ The side switch features a 3-stage color battery level indicator, so you know what battery percentage range you have left in real time.

✔ It also comes with an upgraded MCC1A magnetic USB charging cable that Is more compact and offers a faster 1A charge rate.

✔ The S1R series is by far the most popular compact flashlight ever produced by Olight due to its incredible output, fantastic design, and convenient features.