S1R Baton II Red

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S1R Baton II Black is available now, click here

● Max 1,000 lumens output with a 145-meter beam distance

● Body's small squared texture milling for a perfect grip and feel

● Three-color indication shows the remaining power levels

● MCC 1A charger provides a fast charging solution with high capacity batteries



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    The S1R BATON II Red is the first of Olight’s new generation of single IMR16340 powered rechargeable side-switch small powerful flashlight. This extremely compact rechargeable flashlight reaches an incredible max output of 1,000 lumens thanks to the included new high discharge rate battery. The second-generation TIR optic lens pushes the beam to a new level with unmatched clarity and balanced hotspot. While retaining the classic look of the Baton series, the small powerful flashlight S1R BATON II Red features an articulate texturized body pattern that provides a great feel resulting in a firmer grip. The provided MCC 1A is compatible with all existing Olight MCC rechargeable products (MCC 1A is not compatible with R50 Pro and PL MINI). This small powerful flashlight S1R BATON II Red is the ultimate pocket light in performance and convenience. Carry the best.
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    Beam Distance (ft) 476
    Beam Distance (m) 145
    Max. Performance (lumens) 1000
    Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
    Compatible Batteries 1 x IMR16340 (included)
    Light Intensity (candela) 5250
    Light Form Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
    Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
    Mode Operation Side Switch
    Form/Size Factor Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
    Series Series S (EDC, General Use)
    Unique Characteristics

    1.1,000-lumen output: With the help of the all new customized 10C discharge current lithium-manganese battery, the small powerful flashlight S1R BATON II Red delivers a huge output of 1,000 lumens in a small pocket light powered only by a single IMR16340.

    2. Body built for grip: Small squared texture milling for a perfect grip and feel.

    3. Premium beam: Perfectly balanced hot spot for optimal clarity and a soft transition to maintain comfortable vision during use.

    4. Three-color power level indication: Once the light is turned on, the power indicator located in the center of the side switch shows the power level in three colors (Green: Power>60%, Yellow: Power is between 10% and 60%; Red: Power<10%)

    5. Highly efficient MCC 1A charger: compatible with all existing rechargeable flashlights and headlamps using this charging method. The new MCC 1A provides another fast charging solution to future Olight products with high capacity batteries.

    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 1000
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    1000 lumens (1.5 minutes) then drops to 300 lumens (37 minutes)

    LEVEL 2 (lumens) 600
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    600 lumens (1.5 minutes) then drops to 300 lumens (45 minutes)

    LEVEL 3 (lumens) 60
    Run-time LEVEL 3

    60 lumens (220 minutes)

    LEVEL 4 (lumens) 12
    Run-time LEVEL 4

    12 lumens (20 hours)

    LEVEL 5 (lumens) 0.5
    Run-time LEVEL 5

    0.5 lumen (8 days)

    Strobe Yes
    Waterproof IPX8
    Weight (g / oz) 51 / 1.8
    Length (mm / in) 63 / 2.48
    Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    Body Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    Led Cree XM-L2 CW
    Packaging carton box
    Use everyday carry , key-chain, car, camping, fishing, household, EDC, general use
    Package Contents
    • S1R Baton II Red (Battery Included) x 1
    • MCC 1A Charging Cable ×1
    • Lanyard x 1
    • Battery box x 1
    • Pouch x 1
    • User Manual×1
    Customer Reviews
    1. killer light
      I feel like I found tony starks edc.

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    2. Great little EDC light!
      I liked mine so much that, I bought a dozen of these for Christmas gifts. Red for the girls and black for the guys. Everyone that I gave one to loves it. Now it is the end of January and people are still coming up to me and telling me how much they like their S1R Baton ll.

      Review by

      Posted on

    3. One cool little light
      This light is very bright and very light weight. I thought I would not like it but I love it. This light is marketed towards women but Im a guy and love it. Its now my EDC.

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    4. Never going back
      I've ordered 14 of various Olights and still love them all. I got this for daily use (great color) because my black one has turned into a great work light. I've smacked it on metal, dropped it on cement and used it to hold small screws. All the others do amazing for the various uses when I need them, but this one has really lived beyond expectation.

      Review by

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    5. I am Iron Man!
      Saw this bad boy on cyber Monday and the first thing that came to mind, Marvels Iron Man! Red isn’t just for girls! C’mon man! Goes awesome with my Iron Man phone case. Great color scheme Olight. Will definitely be replacing my stream light for a while.

      Review by

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    6. A lot of light from a very small package, but not perfect
      The red finish is very nice, although I do wonder how well it will stand up to the test of time since the metal clip rubs against the checkering whenever you unscrew the body from the bezel. The contrast between the red and the gold of the clip, bezel trim and trim around the side switch are a pleasant combination. The threads are smooth and came with adequate lube. The red magnetic charging cable and red lanyard are definitely nice touches. I have other Olight Batons with magnetic tailcaps and have experienced them sticking to keys in my pocket. I have read others say there is a chance of short circuiting if the contacts on the magnetic tailcap touches other metal objects but I have not experienced that at any time yet.

      The modes are pretty well spaced at 0.5, 12, 60, 600, 1000 LU. Personally, I think 0.5 is too low to be useful. The tint is Cool White and has a nice center beam with a smooth transition into a generous spill light. The beam on Turbo gets too hot to hold directly in front of your hand after about 15 seconds. The bezel got too hot to touch after a minute. The specs state Turbo will ramp down to 300 LU after 90 seconds. I found mine ramped down after 80 seconds on a fully charged battery (4.20v). The specs also claim it will maintain 300 LU for another 37 minutes. I found mine lasted almost 40 mins. The battery status light on the side switch went from green to yellow after about 15 minutes (3.72v) to red after about 30 mins. After approx 42 minutes of constant ON that started at 1000 LU Turbo and ramped down to 300 LU, the brightness was approx 60 LU, but still useable light. The battery measured 3.12v at this time. The light was not too hot to hold while at 300 LU. I did not conduct runtime tests on the lower modes. Perhaps the durations for my tested modes will improve slightly after the battery is cycled a few times. Otherwise, I was satisfied with the results.

      The bezel and body of the flashlight needs to be screwed together tightly, even though there is a spring at the bezel end. If the two halves are loosen just a little, the light will not function. I wish there was a little more leeway before losing contact and the light not working.

      The S1R Baton 2 functions best with the customized Olight IMR battery. I tried an RCR and CR123 primary. With the RCR, it worked fine until I tried Turbo. At that point, the light would go out and I had to loosen, then tighten the two halves of the flashlight to be able to use it in the lower modes again. With primaries, I was not able to achieve Turbo and I found the flashlight drained the battery VERY fast.

      Turbo is not a memorized mode.

      The clip is secured in a way where it is locked in place to the body and cannot spin. This is helpful in indexing the rather small side switch. I have small hands and did find it a little cumbersome to maintain a grip on the flashlight once in a while because the clip was in an uncomfortable position in my hand. My grip on the light could not be changed because of the stationary clip.

      Charging the light is simple. There is an indicator light near the magnetic end of the USB charging cable that turns red when charging and green when charged. I found the green light came on when the battery was only charged to 4.17v and not to the maximum of 4.20v. By leaving the light attached to the charger for another three hours for a slow trickle charge, I was finally able to reach the maximum capacity of 4.20v.

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    7. way cool
      I have loved Olight for some time. I looked for a long time for a flashlight that will easily and quickly go into strobe mode. A high lumen flashlight that fits in a regular pocket makes this guy perfect. The cool color, great service, and magnetic charging are icing on the cake. I bought 2 during the Cyber Monday special. Can't recommend this one highly enough. Now, I want the same flashlight only capable of 2 or 3 times the lumens that the S1R Baton 2 does! Thank you Olight!

      Review by

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    8. Amazing light, the price is a bonus.
      I ordered this light on Cyber Monday. I received the light that Friday. Unboxing was easy with clearly marked reminders for charging and removing the film from the batter for shipping. Charging is easy with the included cable. The lanyard came with a small piece of wire that allowed it to be easily thread through the hole in the light for the lanyard. Each setting was easy to access. I'm excited about the lock out mode. I know that these lights are capable of high lumens for their small foot print. With high output comes high heat.

      I'm excited about this Olight purchase and will be purchasing more!

      Review by

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    9. Female Fan of the RED
      Hey Olight, I purchase numerous flashlights when someone turned my husband on to them at hunting camp. He purchased MR2, and I became obsessed and had to have one and for a gift to my coolest female friend who I knew would APPRECIATE it. Keep the colors coming, I LOVE the red! Easy to find in handbag. PLUS, we will no longer fight over whose light is whose! I literally have to put names on each flashlight via my P-Touch label maker. Cameo is great, as I know it's his!

      Review by

      Posted on

    10. Great color scheme
      The S1R II was my first nice light, and this color scheme really does it for me in a way that the other limited edition versions really didn't. The Winter Ti model is the only thing that comes close. Great light, but really great color scheme.

      Review by

      Posted on

    11. Great color
      Pictures don't do it justice. Finish is awesome, and hard to scratch. I managed to scratch mine the first day though because I sat on it with my carharts and the back pocket grommet landed directly on it(so don't do that).
      I wish I bought a couple more for gifts.

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