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● Limited quantity: only 3,000 pcs for each style of the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

● Huge output: The Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Eternal deliver a massive output up to 1,000 lumens and the Winter up to 850 lumens

● Small squared texture milling for a perfect grip and feel

● Three-color power level indication show the power levels

● Highly efficient MCC II charger is compatible with all existing rechargeable flashlights and headlamps(except for R50 Pro and PL MINI) using this charging method. 

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The S1R Baton II titanium version (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) is the premium material edition of the first of Olight’s new generation of single CR123A/RCR123A powered rechargeable side-switch EDC flashlights. It comes with 4-level brightness modes plus Moonlight and Strobe with an output ranging from 0.5 lumens to 1000 lumens. The upgraded TIR optic lens pushes the beam to a new level with unmatched clarity and a balanced hotspot. While retaining the classic look of the Baton series, the S1R Baton II (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) features an articulate texturized body pattern that provides a great feel resulting in a firmer grip. The S1R II limited edition models also come with an upgraded MCC II magnetic USB charging cable that is thinner and compatible with all existing Olight MCC rechargeable products. These premium material edition flashlights reflect our refined design, craftsmanship, assembly, and PVD processing technology. The perfect holiday gift is here!

Spring (Rainbow PVD titanium) - Neutral white 4800K

Summer (Rose gold PVD titanium) - Cool white 6500K

Autumn (Yellow gold PVD titanium) - Neutral white 4800K

Winter (Bead Blasted Titanium) - Warm white 



Beam Distance (ft) 476
Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
Mode Operation Side Switch
Form/Size Factor Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
Series Series S (EDC, General Use)
Unique Characteristics

1. Huge output: With the help of the all new customized 10C discharge current lithium-manganese battery, the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Eternal deliver a massive output up to 1,000 lumens and the Winter up to 850 lumens in a small pocket light

2. Body built for grip: Small squared texture milling for a perfect grip and feel. 

3. Premium beam: Perfectly balanced hot spot for optimal clarity and a soft transition to maintain comfortable vision during use. 

4. Three-color power level indication: Once the light is turned on, the power indicator located in the center of the side switch shows the power level in three colors (Green: Power>60%, Yellow: Power is between 10% and 60%; Red: Power<10%).

5. Highly efficient MCC II charger: This round-edged magnetic USB charger is not only 13% thinner than the previous MCC but is also compatible with all existing rechargeable flashlights and headlamps(MCC II is not compatible with R50 Pro and PL MINI) using this charging method. The new MCC II provides another fast charging solution to future Olight products with high capacity batteries.

Run-time LEVEL 1

1000 lumens(~300lm) (37m(1.5m))

Run-time LEVEL 2

600 lumens(~300lm) (45m(1.5m))

Run-time LEVEL 3

60 lumens (3h40m)

Run-time LEVEL 4

12 lumens (20 hours)

Run-time LEVEL 5

0.5 lumen (8 days)

Length (mm / in) 63 / 2.48
Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.82
Body Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.82
Customer Reviews
  1. Service
    I got the spring version and it is very nice. The body is very well done. The reason I purchased this light was for the neutral white light. I am an Hvac tech and do a lot of work in dark basements and I had a baton 3 that worked very well. The neutral white light is very nice working up close to furnaces. The glair is no existent with this light. Still love the regular light outdoors but for work this is awsome. The hat clip is great also. Thanks Olight!!!

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  2. Service
    These are absolutely beautiful! And perfect in almost every way. If they were all cool white leds they would be perfect.

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  3. Service
    Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten my winter version yet caused by delivery fault(not Olight’s fault) but have free EOS. I was waiting for this blasted Ti version for a long time. So I was really disappointed when I open the package at the beginning.

    However, the small free EOS is enough for me to relieve those sour feeling. I think, I have to order some more of those EOS.

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  4. Service
    This is my first Olight purchase, and I am quite impressed. The light comes with a rechargeable battery (additional ones can be bought for $5.50), a plastic battery case, a magnetic charger, a bag case, and a lanyard. When I tried to put the lanyard on the light, I noticed that the company included a metal "needle" on the lanyard string to make it easier to thread through the lanyard hole on the light. The attention to detail here is superb.

    As far as the light goes, it is an excellent product all around. Quite compact, but still feels sturdy and strong. User interface is intuitive and easy to use. Light gets incredibly bright, especially considering its size. I've thoroughly enjoyed my 24 hours with the light.

    Will definitely be purchasing from Olight in the future.

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  5. Service
    I just got my S1R II Winter Edition in mail a few days ago, I love it!! It’s my 6th Olight I own, and this one doesn’t disappoint. I really wanted the originL S1 in Ti, but it’s not rechargeable, glad I held out for this. I specifically wanted the winter, not just because it’s Ti and matches many of my knives, but because it has the warm led, most of my Olights are cool white, this is a very nice change. The new knerling pattern on the lights is great, gives the light a great feel. The quality and overall fit and finish is excellent, it’s Olight what do you expect lol. This is well worth the $75 I spent, plus they threw in a free EOS keychain light. All in all I’m ver happy with this Blackfriday purchase, even at the regular $99 it’s still a great choice.

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  6. Service
    Just received my bead blasted winter version and it is nothing short of beautiful. Packaging is on another level with a specific box for each version. I own 7 Olights starting with the original S10 and have bought many as gifts for family. Fit and finish on this one surpasses all the others and that itself is an achievement. Just when I think Olight can’t top themselves and I’m done buying lights they one up themselves then my wallet cries. Highly highly recommended. If you’re on the fence just do it! I will be ordering another.

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