Outdoor Led Flashlight Powered By 3200mah 3.6v 18650 Battery

S2R Baton ii Best Outdoor Led Flashlight 1150 Lumens

S2R Baton ii Green

Nice Looking S2R Baton ii With A Solid Grip

Outdoor Led Flashlight Has A Soft BeamS2R Baton ii Green Has A Soft Beam

S2R Baton ii Uses An Efficient Mcc 1a Charger

Stainless Steel Pocket Clip Outdoor Led Flashlight

S2R Baton ii Maximum Run Time 60 Days

S2R Baton ii Performance Parameters

Body Material
Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance
442 ft (135 m)
Max Performance
1,150 lumens
Charging Type
Magnetic USB Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 3200mAh 3.6V 18650 Battery
Max Light Intensity
4,600 candela
Light Source
Luminus SST-40 CW LED
Lens / Reflector Type
TIR Lens
Mode Operation
Side Switch
Form / Size Factor
Medium size (Permanent Marker)
Series Baton (EDC, General Use)
1,150~400 lumens
Run time Turbo
2 minutes + 230 minutes
400 lumens
Run time High
4 hours
120 lumens
Run time Med
14 hours
15 lumens
Run time Low
100 hours
0.5 lumen
Run time Moon
60 days
3.47 oz (98.5 g)
3.94 in (100 mm)
Head Diameter
0.91 in (23 mm)
Body Diameter
0.91 in (23 mm)
Carton Box
Outdoors & Household
S2R Baton II Flashlight x 1
Customized 3200 mAh 3.6V 18650 Battery x 1
Lanyard (Including tethering tool) x 1
MCC 1A Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Pouch x 1
Pocket Clip (Installed on the flashlight) x 1
Black Pocket Clip (Spare, inside the package) x 1
User Manual x 1
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I love this flashlight!

S2R Baton II: Black


Mar 25, 2023, 14:28:22

CS reply:

It warms our hearts to hear such amazing feedback! Thank you so much for your love and support!

Mar 25, 2023, 22:48:59

Love the light. Fits perfectly in my pocket

S2R Baton II: Lime Green CW (5700~6700K)


Mar 12, 2023, 22:19:57

CS reply:

Thank you so much for giving us 5 stars. The team at Olight can’t wait to welcome you back for your next visit.

Mar 13, 2023, 03:44:36

Olight doesn't post some negative reviews! It's unethical. Think twice before ordering from a company like this


Mar 12, 2023, 16:18:39

CS reply:

Thank you for your feedback. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at We're always here to help.

Mar 13, 2023, 06:40:09

I bought this brand new. After opening it, I found out that it doesn't work. I did all the possible research and troubleshooting. DO NOT buy from this company unless you want to be inconvenienced by faulty equipment. Why would you want to buy something just to ship it back again? They produce in quantity over quality, which sucks for customers.


Mar 12, 2023, 16:04:16

CS reply:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed with your experience, and I’d love the chance to make it up to you. We will email you right away offer a resolution, please kindly check the inbox. Thank you.

Mar 13, 2023, 08:18:10

Top 5 in my book of all my lights

S2R Baton II: Black


Mar 05, 2023, 23:33:53

CS reply:

Thank you very much for your love and comments about our products. Your support is our biggest motivation, and we will listen to any suggestion you have and improve it carefully. We will release more amazing lights in the future. thank you again for your support.

Mar 07, 2023, 04:11:21

Absolutely love this flashlight. I’ve had it for four years. I got it off blade HQ. It is taking many beatings falling off 10 foot ladders. Many times it is a fantastic light and with the mood changes it’s great.


Feb 25, 2023, 22:40:23

CS reply:

Thank you very much for your recognition of our products. Your comments are extremely important to us. Your approval of our products is our continuous motivation, and we hope our products can bring you a better life.

Feb 27, 2023, 06:07:01

With 5 modes and a rechargeable battery, you really can't go wrong! Turbo mode is super bright and the moonlight mode is great for a little ambient lighting in the tent when camping!

S2R Baton II: Black


Feb 14, 2023, 20:16:26

CS reply:

Thank you for your comment! Your satisfaction is why we do this. We have been working hard on our product quality and customer service, and we aren't stopping any time soon! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Feb 14, 2023, 20:25:17

A very vibrant color, much more than viewed online, It is a great light plus this colorway will not blend in with a lot of stuff. easy to find.

S2R Baton II: Lime Green NW (4000~5000K)


Jan 31, 2023, 07:23:07

CS reply:

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're glad to have you as our customer and to see that you’re enjoying Olight products!

Feb 01, 2023, 06:44:50

I've always noticed it got extremely hot, extremely fast.... my son was using it and inadvertently put it in his pocket while turned on. It lit his pants on fire! Can be dangerous!!


Jan 27, 2023, 06:04:22

CS reply:

Sorry for the product issue. The customer support team will email you to offer solutions, please check your email and reply. Thank you.

Jan 28, 2023, 06:23:53

The S2R Baton II feels like the “Goldilocks” for non-tactical EDC. It’s size/power/price sits between the Warrior 2 Mini (slightly too large for pants pocket) & the underwhelming AA battery powered i5


Jan 10, 2023, 22:28:56

CS reply:

We’re so grateful that you took the time to leave us a 5-star rating! Your review means a lot to us. Thank you for choosing Olight.

Jan 11, 2023, 07:43:48

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