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✔ S35VN Clip Point Pocket Knife

The Splint-Ti is a compact and solid folding knife built for everyday tasks. it is easily concealed in your pocket. It features a CPM-S35VN clip point blade with a full-flat grind, great for piercing and slicing.

✔ Top-notch Materials

CPM-S35VN Steel: High corrosion resistance and enhanced toughness. Titanium Alloy: Excellent toughness, light weight and corrosion resistance.

✔ Sharp Clip point Blade

Popular blade shape for daily tasks and outdoor activities. Full-flat ground blade with a sharp tip and reinforced hardness for piercing, slicing, or skinning.

✔ Compact And Convenient

Measuring 3.96 inches when closed, this 2.39oz folder keeps your gear lightweight. The deep-carry pocket clip makes it easy to always take with you.

✔ Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomically machined with ample lock release space. Classy in appearance and feels great in hand.

✔ Simple And Effective

A smooth ball-bearing system ensures swift one-handed opening with either its flipper tab or thumb hole.

✔ Stout Frame Lock

Solid Ti frame lock ensures that the blade stays in place during heavy-duty use.

✔ Precise And Confident Control

Jimping on the top of the blade increases grip. The flipper tab also protects your hand during cutting operations.



Overall Length
Blade Length
Handle Length
Carton Box
Everyday Carry, Outdoors, Self-defense
Splint Ti x 1
Storage Bag x 1
Cleaning Cloth x 1
User Manual x 1
CPM-S35VN Stainless Steel
TC4 Titanium Alloy
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I have the Ti splint, and really like it. The only comment is that the clip is too stiff to easily clip onto your pocket, and it’s not a deep carry clip. I wish Olight had replacement clips for this knife on their website. The clip is the only reason I don’t add this knife into my EDC rotation.


Oct 17, 2021, 21:11:26

Very well made, But waaaay too small for the average hand. This thing is tiny. Suggest making a larger version.


Oct 06, 2021, 22:40:45

My 1st Olight knife, ergos, action and weight are just amazing at this price point, running on bearing with a premium S35VN this is a great knife I just wish it was a bit bigger… maybe a SPLINT XL?


Oct 01, 2021, 23:00:07

Bought this knife as part of a Birthday present for myself, overall, not really impressed. The build quality and fit and finish are top notch, so no problems there. The action is VERY smooth, not quite drop shut, but it's a small blade so that is fine. Now the problems occur with deployment. The slot on the blade is ok for thumb deployment, but not very good for the reverse flick. The flipper tab is decent but the way the scales are, deployment is a bit awkward. As far as front flipping...forget it it. The jimping on the tab is too small to get purchase and the tab is too far set forward to get any leverage on it. I have managed to front flip it maybe twice since I've had it (a couple of days). The jimping is large enough to rub a raw spot on my finger from trying to front flip it though. I had high hopes for this since the Drevver is so awesome, but they just missed the mark on this one. If they made a Drevver in the premium materials like this, that would have been amazing


Oct 01, 2021, 10:51:51

When we place an order for this how long does it take to ship it? Been waiting 4 days and still cannot track it as it is not in USPS mail


Sep 28, 2021, 21:00:13

If its made in USA please lmk immediately i will buy one probably 2 but if not sorry but its not worth anything over 40 bucks for 50 you can buy a great Leek by kershaw made in the USA on Amazon for 60 bucks shipped fyi good day


Sep 26, 2021, 00:26:56

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