To Light to Life

The Olantern and specifically the flickering flame module has become very significant in our family's life ever since it has been released. My wife sleeps with one on her nightstand each and every night as the flickering helps her to relax and have a wonderful night sleep. Our children each have their own that they use in their rooms and even our beautiful dog Riley finds it comforting and it has become his favorite bed time light. We use the flame module as a memorial candle for friends and family that have passed away as a remembrance on the anniversary or their passing. Unfortunately we find ourselves using it more and more as we have lost way too many friends and family this past year. It has been a hard year for us all and having events like O-Fan day helps in many ways. Not just for the prizes and the give-a-ways but for the camaraderie and the ability to share with other like-minded people the joy that Olight has brought to us all in one way or another. THANK you to the entire Olight community of engineers, marketing, sales, customer service and all others that I may have forgotten to mention. Please know that you are all appreciated and we congratulate you on an amazing year. Wishing you a future filled with furthered success, growth and ingenuity. Thank you to the wonderful community of customers that have helped to build this company through their loyalty and support. ALL MY BEST! Have a wonderful, happy and healthy rest of your year!

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