I'm Batman!

I'm Batman. I protect the city from evil (and Superman). When I'm not fighting crime, I spend most of my time debating Superman on endless topics. He thinks the best flashlight is an Ozark Trail light. INCORRECT! The best flashlight is obviously any light you pick from Olight! I use them all the time. I only fight at night, and since I do 99% of my work in a cave, you know how often I need a flashlight. I might even ask Gordon to buy an Olight for the bat signal. People think my best friend is Bruce Wayne. But it's actually Eric Novella. He's the one who told me about Olights. We go to a lot of comic cons together and we bring the i5UV, mostly to gross out our colleges, but also so we know where not to step in the hotel rooms. You might be asking yourself, "Will I ever see Batman and Eric in the same room?". No, you won't. It's not because we're the same person, that's silly. Why would you think that? It's because when I'm around, Eric is out buying more Olights. And when he's around, I'm out using the Olights he bought. Maybe to work in the cave, maybe I'm just using the pretty colors of the Obulb MC to put Robin to sleep. Any way you slice it, an Olight always comes in handy. Take it from me, I'm Batman!

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