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Best Tool For The Job

I’m as a few months ago, a retired law enforcement officer. Our department issue flashlight is a Pelican 7575. Strong body great throw but with a major flaw. It can run for roughly an hour and needs 10 to 11 hours to recharge on a special charger. I was working Metro and normally this was ok but during the pandemic and protesters throughout the city, I needed a good light that can recharge fast on the go! So glad I bought the Warrior X Pro! Compact, solid, great throw and wide beam area. Because of the USB magnetic charging cable, I Cold keep it charge with a battery bank or USB port in our unit. One night we responded to a call of protesters sitting homeless camps on fire with people in the camp. As multiple units arrived, the protesters fled under some freeway bridge and maintenance areas that had no lighting. Officers approach but I was on the top of the bridge. I used my Warrior X Pro and it lit the entire area up. We could spot five people hiding and one with a crossbow taking aim at the officers. Because my light was so bright and shining down from above, the protesters thought it was “air support (helicopter) and surrendered. Officers could see the threat with the crossbow and order him to drop the weapon, he complied. Thanks to the power and area my Olight offered, we mange to make the arrest and keep officers from getting hurt by an arrow. I’m grateful to Olight for this.

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