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so there I was loading up some chain link fence I had just bought to take out to the farm.As usual I like to blow things up and shoot stuff so when I got to the farm I put a bunch of reactive target mix in the middle of a rock pile. Man that sent 200 lbs rocks a good 50 to 75 yards in whichever direction. One was a pop fly coming right at me so felt like I had to jump out of the way. Which I did then I shook myself off and continued on ward to drop off that chain link fence I had just bought. I had it in my dump trailer so it wasn’t too much to get it unloaded. Then I went home to bed just to wake up the next day to notice my o-light baton3 I had just bought wasn’t in my pocket where I had always had it. I thought don’t freak out yet I’m sure I lost it when I dove out of the way from that huge rock that I launched into the atmosphere. But I didn’t want to make another trip out there for that so I bought another one. I was so angry at o-light for not teaming up with the Bluetooth tracking giant Tile. I think would also increase your sales immensely to be the first flashlight company to do so.Back to my story so I made it back to the farm with the walk behind magnet, and two other magnetsmagnet, and two other magnets on a stick sweeping them around in the tall grass, where I was when I blew up the rocks think it’s worth a try no luck.So I got a call from someone interested in some chain link fence so I figured sell what I had to cover the other flashlight so the wife wouldn’t be so mad when I told her. I went out to where the chain link was and walked up to the pile and noticed this weird part of the fence that looked out of place. So I got closer and I let out a loud “ thank you baby Jesus”!!! I had found my flashlight that tough little magnet stuck itself to the fence I’m guessing when I unloaded. it had been there for some time ,2 months I would say out in the nasty humid heat we had this summer, to my surprise it still worked perfectly

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