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Favorite Edc

I have just recently been introduced to olight. My wife gave me this pen as an anniversary present. A friend of hers is married to a huge olight fan and he recommended this as a gift for me because I am always signing things and always need a small light throughout the day while working. I quickly fell in love with this and have since carried it every day with me. I love to fidget with the bolt action in between jobs, the light comes in super handy when I'm working in a dark spot, and the pen writes super well for the documents that I sign. Added bonus the laser comes in handy when I'm playing with my dog as he loves to chase it. He will literally sit and stare at my pocket and then the ground and back and forth until I pull it out to let him chase it. This thing screams quality as well. I can't wait to place my first order and try out some other products. Thanks for reading!

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