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I blame all of you! 😂

My story with Olight began when I was looking for a small but useful light that I could keep on me at all times that was rechargeable and didn't break the bank. That's where I stumbled upon an olight review of the I1R EOS on YouTube. I quickly ordered one but had no clue that I was starting my olight addiction. I wasn't even a flashlight guy before this, I would just use the light on my phone. Slowly my collection started to grow, then I found the Facebook olight community. Seeing everyone's collections only helped to justify my addiction lol. Fast forward to today and my collection has expanded tenfold and I don't even hesitate dropping several hundreds on flash sales. I use my olights for everything now and have even gotten several of my friends addicted. Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! P.S. I blame all of you 😂

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