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Light up his life.

So as the story goes it was late one evening as it was good and dusky dark, the tones dropped for a motor vehicle accident at a local restaurant with confirmed entrapment. In my mind I am thinking that we were going to be having a bad wreck out on the main highway that was in front of the restaurant. So we pull up in our Engine and notice nothing in the highway so as we start scanning the area we notice a lot of commotion in the drive thru. Upon further investigating we learn that a young man that was in a motorized wheel chair was in the drive thru line as an elderly lady pulls up behind him. Then as the lady goes to press her brakes she mistakenly presses the gas. She pins the young man under the rear end of the small suv in front of him. I had my trusty S1 Baton in my pocket and was able to see the situation underneath the vehicle pretty rapidly. The young man had an exposed femur fracture and we had to put air bags underneath the front vehicle to raise it up where the wheel chair was shoved under neath it. Having a great light that was easy to get out and deploy helped me tremendously in figuring out what was going on in the situation. Ever since that call I have fell in love with the Olight brand and currently have 18 various lights that Olight makes. Super proud owner than thinks this brand will stand out and work every time for me in an emergency situation.

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