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My i3t collection

This is how I became “O’ddicted” to Olights and had to collect everything I could. It started with the unprecedented freezing weather we experienced in southeast Texas back in late February this year. I was really new to Olight, having just purchased an Odin for my first tactical shotgun. Olight wanted to help those impacted by the storms, losing power and dealing with the issues, so they sent us a free i3t. I had never heard of this light but as soon as I got it, I fell in love. It was the perfect size for me to carry every day. Then I lost it a month later in a state park. I had to have another one so I searched for a direct replacement. That search started me on a journey. I discovered that there were several colors available as well as special ones with engravings for holidays. I had to collect them all. So, here I sit about 6 months later with a collection of i3t’s that has grown from 1 free gift to now approximately 20 different variations. I love this light so much. And my collection all started because the company cared enough to want to help in any way it could.

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