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My life sucks without a olight but need a worrior x3

I first found my love of olight with my t-10 3w that I found a long time ago and ever since I've used it for a weapon light and it has saved my life twice at least and I've used it in the woods and everything else but I'm so poor I can't even afford to buy a new one because we're just a poor family I use my lights and we go camping 15 minutes away during the summer and shit because we don't have anything else that we can do for vacation or anything else so we go out in the woods and camp basically for fun as what little bit of a family I have left which is just me and my mom and my little brother My middle brother passed away two years ago and we had a shitty Christmas and nobody got anything which is sad because it's up until 2 years ago when my brother died and all the inflation and everything going on we always had Christmas no matter what at least something we didn't even get to have a tree up this year which sucks 29 years of life and I haven't missed a Christmas until the last two years oh well maybe I can eventually get back on my feet and have all the bills paid for and not be behind like and can get a new warrior X3 and good headlamp for camping maybe

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