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Never again

I remember back to when I was just a young man out at hunting camp. I hadn't seen much for the first few days of the trip other than some curious squirrels and an occasional doe. This inspired my friends dad to send me back, deep into the bedding area for the evening hunt. This area is reserved for times like this when the hunt is hard and time is running low. Sitting on the ground, pushed up in some bushes I thought to myself, I've never seen so many doe milling about.... but much like the previous days of the trip, no bucks anywhere to be found. As the sun set over the horizon and my evening came to a close, I gathered my gear and took out my flashlight. I was heading back in and the subpar flashlight I went out with kept flicking on and off then eventually just went out. There was very little moon out that evening so I was pretty much walking in blind. Maybe halfway back, I could her rustling in the bushes. I froze. The sounds kept growing nearer and nearer. I started to talk at the noises to let whatever was there know of my presence. To no avail. As I struggled to load the .270, dropping ammo on the ground, the grunts and snorts grew closer and closer. When the beast was close enough that I could hear its labored breathing I let out a thunderous battle cry of "LETS DO THIS!" as I drew my knife. It may have been the shrill scream of "please don't hurt me", but my memory fades with time. It was at this point when everything stopped moving and time stood still for a moment. What followed could only be described as a freight train crashing through the forest followed by more silence. As I made my way through the dark of night, my heart still racing, I vowed to never be without aquality torch again. Enter Olight.

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