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Old timeOlights

I was introduced to the Olight community in March 22 2020 by Jonathan Cruse and Nekkid Yang. Then it was all about buying the oldest lights and making sure that you had a second one that was sealed. Most of us bought two and three sealed ones just in case we wanted to trade for something we didn't have at the time. It was and still is a great way to meet people in the Olight community. Some of the collections of them that people have would startle the non collector. I am always looking and searching for the older Olights to fill my collection. This is a hobby that you are all in or you just need a couple of really good lights around. I enjoy collecting and being part of the Olight crew and team. Best part is that I get to be friends with all of you on here and learn back and forth. Keep collecting my Olight friends. Olight Cal

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