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Snakes on the the dark!

I'm a camping and hiking kind of guy. And when I discovered Olight like 3 years ago it changed my life! Last week my family and I went camping in a beautiful remote area in Eastern Kentucky. I've never really understood the saying, "two is one, and one is none" until this trip. I purchased an Olight headlamp last spring, but because of changes at work it's only now (mid September) I've gotten to use it camping. Our second night, my girlfriend and I were hiking out to do some star gazing. This was the crown jewel of the trip, just gorgeous! Clear dark skies perfect for seeing stars you can't see in town, even bands of stars in the Milky Way were visible. Which also means no moon! As we hiked back in the pitch black, deep, dark of night on a snake infested trail the head lamp goes out!! I must have used it more than I thought before the trip. I was never more grateful to have my Warrior Mini as my EDC to light the way back to the campsite. We came across 6 Copperhead snakes on the way back. These are venomous snakes and the trip could have ended like a scene in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom if not for the habit of having my Warrior Mini in my left pocket, everyday. Moral of the story, charge your gear before your trips and carry a back up. I've also just purchased a back up to my back up, the Seeker 3 Pro. Practice "two is one, and one is none," you'll be a happier camper with 2 (or 3) Olight in the darkest night, because you never know how dark the forest is until you don't have a light on.

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