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The First perfect Light!

I've had a lot of flashlights in my life from many brands. The one and Only brand I've had on my shelf that still works since 2008 were Olight. Their products work for me and the way I use the lights. Olighs pressure tail switch and magnetic tail was a flat-out genius move and set them above so many other well-known brands. And I love the fact that the new Warrior mini 2 has them as well as the side switch for more options. I love also that new addition to the sensor in the lamp to stop fires and accidents. And finally that warranty... 5 years is far and away more than anyone really needs but glad it's there. 1750 lumens with a 220-meter throw is just not something you see in such a small package and this makes the use of the light better. My knife and my Mini 2 warrior stay on me now. There isn't a single place I can't carry it and if needed .. it's invaluable.

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