M2R conversation

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M2R conversation

Olight has designed a new flagship tail switch tactical flashlight named the M2R. At 1,500 lumens on turbo mode, this is an impressive lumen count when using only a standard 18650 battery. I will admit, there are a lot of tail switch flashlights on the market but the M2R carries some unique features that are thought driven and extremely practical for everyday use no matter if you are a police officer or just need to walk your dog at night.

Let’s start with the tail switch itself.  The clear majority of tail switches on the market is made out of rubber. This allows for the mechanical switch underneath the rubber to be pressed without it hurting our thumbs. The problem with this is that rubber wears out over time and can become a nuisance. This shortens the longevity leaving your favorite flashlight without waterproof capabilities and a hole in the rubber where the switch should be. Olight decided to take care of this issue by adopting a solid stainless-steel switch. This guarantees that the switch will not wear out over time and will always be in the same form no matter how many times it is pressed throughout the years. This stainless-steel tail switch also allowed Olight to include their magnetic charging cable design that works directly through the tail switch. That’s right, you can slap a magnetic disk on the tail switch of your M2R and charge it with any USB device. The best part about this is that it can charge any 18650 that you want to use. You no longer need to have a special customized battery for this to work. Just grab any old 18650 you have and charge it in your M2R. This ingenuity solves two major issues at the same time getting rid of ugly and weak rubber switches and saves the light from needing to have an exposed micro-usb input somewhere on the side of the light which is vulnerable to malfunctions as well. Did I mention that it also is magnetic for working hands free?

There are two separate operation modes utilizing this stainless-steel switch. The switch itself can be half pressed or fully pressed (press deeper) and this will give you different output settings. In the standard mode with a half press is momentary turbo. With a deep press it puts the light in constant turbo mode. This is perfect for normal use but some users want instant access to strobe so how do we do that?

Switch the light to enhanced tactical mode by fully pressing the tail switch and hitting the front mode changing switch at the same time. Once you do this, a half press of the tail switch gives you momentary turbo while the deep press is now momentary strobe. Being able to change between standard and enhanced tactical mode makes this light solve any UI needs that you have.

The front switch allows you to manipulate the light like a standard flashlight bypassing the tail switch if you want. This way if you’re walking the dog at night, you don’t have to keep the light in a tactical fist grip. Also, this front switch features a red battery indicator so you always know if you need a quick charge.

The pocket clip allows you to carry the light in 4 different ways. You can carry it with either the flashlight front bezel down in your pocket or up. You can also attach the clip to 2 different sides of the light itself allowing more or less of the light to be exposed in your pocket.


I believe the M2R is quickly going to become the standard in tail switch design and UI. Olight continues to set the mark in design and craftsmanship and this light says it all. If you are looking for a tail switch light that solves all of the problems this market is having, do yourself a favor and pick up the M2R now. 


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