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The Arkfeld UV:  Dual Light Source EDC Flashlight

The Arkfeld UV: Dual Light Source EDC Flashlight

Check out the newest in the Arkfeld Lineup: The Arkfeld UV Flashlight. Not only does it include some of the original Arkfeld features that you know and love, but Olight has added a few new things that are sure to bring this handy little EDC to the top of your favorites list! With a multitude of uses in such a compact size, and three popular color options, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

Thinner body than the Original, with added grip

One of the coolest features of the original Arkfeld is it’s ultra-thin, flat, rectangular shape, which makes it easier to store in a pocket. Just one glance through the store reviews show how much the users love the sleek design. The new Arkfeld UV not only brings back that same popular body shape, but it’s even thinner! The low-profile, slim shape can be stored anywhere without the added bulkiness that a more traditional flashlight might provide. More added features include the easy-to-grip body knurling on the sides, and a new lanyard hole design in the clip to ensure greater portability. 

Multi-level Brightness plus Memory Function

The Arkfeld UV boasts a high performance LED with 5 brightness levels, allowing a max output of 1,000 lumens and a throw of up to 85 meters. Don’t let the compact size fool you! No matter your use or function, the Arkfeld UV has the power to have your back! This convenient little light is also equipped with a memory function that can save your favorite brightness mode so it’s ready with just the click of a button, making your life just a little bit easier! 

Intuitive Controls and Easy Charging

With the Arkfeld UV, it’s never been easier to utilize this helpful flashlight in the way that suits you best. With the central button plus selector, you can turn the flashlight on and off with the simple press of the inner button, while also controlling your brightness levels. Rotate the outer ring to easily switch between functions. Although this long lasting EDC has a max runtime of up to 8 days, eventually it will need to be recharged. When that happens, just clip the MCC3 magnetic charger onto the tail for an easy power up. Along the way, the 5 level battery indicator can quickly check your remaining battery level at any time, making sure you’re safely never left in the dark.

Built Sturdy and Portable

The well-made aluminum alloy body has an IPX7 rating and is resistant to sweat, water, and rain, which is perfect for inside or outside usage. The Arkfeld UV also features a magnetic tail that can easily attach to any metal surface, like the body of a car or the blade of a knife, allowing you hands-free usage when needed. Also included is a wide, stainless steel two-way pocket clip, making it easy to slip into your jeans pocket or securely clip onto your bag. This capable little EDC can go wherever you want to take it!

Last but not least…UV

With the new UV LED, the applications are endless. Use the selector to quickly switch between the two lighting modes, activating the 365nm wavelength and 580mW UV light and watch the world change before your eyes. Suddenly you’re able to see things you cannot regularly with the naked eye. With the the high powered white light and UV dual light sources, coupled with the slim body shape, and extended runtime, what more could you need in the perfect EDC?

Usage Scenarios

We all know how many uses we can find for a good bright light EDC, so let's talk about the MANY options that are added with the new UV light. Firstly, how many times have we all checked into a hotel and wondered just how thoroughly our room was cleaned before we entered it? With the Arkfeld UV LED, you can check for anything from body fluid stains, to bed bugs on your mattress. You can finally rest in confidence knowing just how sanitary your surroundings are! 

If you’re a cashier or handle money regularly, you can use your new Arkfeld UV to check to see if the cash you are handling is counterfeit. Law Enforcement and Security Personnel can use the UV light to verify ID cards, ensuring both their safety and ours. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the UV light as many insects and reptiles will glow with its use, making it easier to see them when you usually could not. Imagine how much safer your campsite or hike will be when you can avoid those centipedes and scorpions? Fun Fact: certain marsupials like the Opossum will glow hot pink under a UV light! 

Imagine what other items in your daily life contain photo-luminescent materials that you never knew before! Get yourself the new Arkfeld UV and not only have a powerful EDC flashlight in your pocket, but a new tool to explore your world!

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