The perfect Safety Light for the person on the go: The Olight Gober Kit Safety Light

The perfect Safety Light for the person on the go: The Olight Gober Kit Safety Light

Safety is always at the forefront of our thoughts, and with the Olight Gober, you can have a little more peace of mind. Whether you’re out hiking, walking your dog, or if you clip it to your tactical gear, never worry about not being seen or found when you have the Gober Safety Light. The many uses will blow you away, and you may find yourself wanting more than one for yourself, giving them as gifts for friends and family, or getting one to put on the harnesses of your furry friends. There is no limit to how safe one person can be, especially with the Olight Gober Kit Safety Light. 

Why the Olight Gober is the right Safety Light for the job?

Small, but Mighty

This little safety light might be small, but it packs a punch! At only 1.5 inches in length and weighing only about 1.41 ounces, you may initially be deceived by its size, but trust us, it will surprise you! The Olight Gober features 3 high-performance LED lights and offers the choice of 4 different color settings. With a max output of 4 lumens, and a throw of 100 meters, being seen will not be a problem with this powerful little beacon. 

Durable and Easy to Use

The Olight Gober has one simple button at the top of the light that controls light functions and colors, ensuring one-handed operation. The four light colors (red, green, blue, and white) can be activated to flash independently in different groupings to enable quick identification. You also can decide if you want a solid or flashing light with just a click. Add to that a drop rating of up to 1 meter, and a waterproof rating of IPX4, this sturdy little light can handle business.

Fast Charging and Long Lasting Run Time

The Gober is powered by a rechargeable built-in Lithium-Ion battery and can be charged via the convenient USB-C charging port. We all know time is certainly precious, especially with an active lifestyle! You’ll be happy to be able to fully charge your light in 1.5 hours and enjoy a max runtime of up to 28 hours. Pro tip: with the Gober Kit Safety Light, light up one after the other to double your runtime!


Clip it to your backpack or belt, or attach it to your pet’s harness or leash with the included durable carabiner or backpack clip. It can also be effortlessly clipped to any MOLLE system on your tactical gear. The possibilities are endless. It behaves well as a safety light or signal beacon and is suitable to make yourself visible in so many situations. Don’t ever be lost in the dark again with the Olight Gober Safety Light.

AirTag Holder (AirTag not Included)

The Gober Kit is a combo that was specifically designed with two Gober lights and an AirTag holder in between to connect them. Just simply use the included micro-screwdriver to access the holder and place your (separately purchased) AirTag inside. Whatever your Gober Kit Safety Light is attached to, you will be able to see and locate it with the FIND MY app, whether it be down the street or across the country. Use it to secure the location of your backpack, luggage, your family pet, or anything you don’t want to lose.

S.O.S. Function

With a triple click of the top button, the Gober will go into S.O.S. mode in any chosen color. If ever in a situation where you are stranded and need help, use this function to become more visible to your rescuer. To be SEEN and FOUND, that’s what the Gober Kit can do. 

Olight Gober Usage Scenarios 

Dog Walking

Are you ever outside walking your family pet after dark? Attach the Olight Gober to your backpack or belt to become more visible to traffic and other people. Attach one to your pet collar/harness or leash for even more visibility. You can never be too safe when it comes to your safety or your pet’s safety. With the Gober Kit, you can also easily place an AirTag in the holder to help with finding your furry friend should they manage to get separated from you.


Clipping the multifunctional safety light to your camping tent or accessories will make your campsite visible to yourself and other people. Out for a hike and return to your campsite in the dark? With the Gober, you won’t have any doubts about which tent is yours. Camping with friends? Share the light with your friends and make everyone safer. Pair it with the Gober Kit and AirTag holder, and your location will become findable to your loved ones should an emergency occur. 


Safety comes first when you are exploring the outside world. With the 4 different colors and 4 light modes, clip the Gober to your backpack or belt to ensure you are more visible when navigating your favorite trail or climb. Should you lose your way or become stranded, switch the beacon into S.O.S. mode to help your rescuers locate you more easily. 


Everyone loves an adventure, but the best adventure is a safe one. Attach the Olight Gober to yourself or your accessories during any outdoor exercise to ensure your visibility to others. Whether you’re biking your favorite mountain path, or running down your neighborhood side street, this little light will help keep you safe. Should something unplanned happen, the long-lasting runtime of the Gober will have your back in any situation. 

Law Enforcement/ Emergency Personnel 

Attach this bright little beacon to the MOLLE system on your tactical gear for optimal visibility. Whether on a traffic stop, working an accident scene, or helping with a natural disaster, the Gober will ensure you are visible to others while enhancing your safety. Use during search and rescue operations so other officers can see your location. There are so many ways this Gober Safety light can make your daily tasks and operations easier and safer for yourself and others.   

Why Choose Olight

Olight strives to be the brand you trust to provide high-quality lighting tools, with excellent customer service and round-the-clock support options. They not only make the world a brighter place with their products but with their actions and unmatched generosity as well. They stand behind their work with free returns and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With over 1,000,000 loyal fans worldwide, 167,000 followers on Instagram, and over 290,000 followers on Facebook, it’s clear that Olight is the company we love and will continue to support for years to come! 

The Olight Gober Kit Safety Light has been built with durable materials, is ultra-lightweight for extreme portability, and has been quality tested to meet your satisfaction and needs. It proves to be yet another example of Olight’s desire to not only light your world but make it a safer one for you as well!

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