✔ Tactical Tail Switch

Quick action with the two-stage tactical tail switch. You can activate turbo or strobe with a single press.

Dims higher output modes when the light is blocked by a near object. Protect it from high temperature.Activate turbo or strobe with a single press.
Convenient charge by Olight magnet cable.

What's in the box                 
Warrior Mini 2 BlackCarabiner-Style Ring x1Lanyard x1MCC 3
Black/Desert Tan (Battery Included)5kg Max Load, Not For Climbing
Magnetic USB Charging Cable
3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery

Pocket Clip

Lanyard Clip

Notice: The carabiner-style ring is not for climbing.


Q1: Will the Warrior Mini 2 work also with standard 18650 cells or are customized Olight cells required for it to work?

A1: It is recommended that customers use the 18650 customized battery to maximize the performance of the product and avoid damage to the product.

Q2: Are any of the red/green filters and pressure switches compatible with the Olight warrior mini 2?

A2: Olight doesn't have filters and pressure switches for WM2. If you have any suggestions, please contact us: cs@olightstore.com

Q3: What about the flashlight in use?

A3: EDC & tactical use. Warrior mini 2 has a strobe mode, tactical tail switch and Carabiner-Style Ring accessory. With the reversible clip and side switch, it can also be a superior pocket led flashlight in daily life.

Body Material
Aluminum Alloy
Beam Distance
721 ft(220 m)
Max Performance
1,750 lumens
Charging Type
MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable Battery
Max Light Intensity
12,300 candela
Light Source
High Performance LED (6000~7000K)
Lens / Reflector Type
TIR Optic Lens & Protective Glass Lens
Mode Operation
Side Switch & Tail Switch
Form / Size Factor
Compact Size
Series Warrior
1,750~500~200 lumens
Run time Turbo
4 + 206 + 40 minutes
500~200 lumens
Run time High
218 + 55 minutes
120 lumens
Run time Med
19 hours
15 lumens
Run time Low
164 hours
1 lumen
Run time Moon
45 days
Yes, 1,750 lumens, 13Hz
4.3 oz (122 g) (Including Battery, Pocket Clip, Lanyard Clip )
4.65 in (118 mm)
Head Diameter
0.98 in (25 mm)
Body Diameter
0.91 in (23 mm)
Carton Box
Everyday Carry, Outdoors, Self-defense, Tactical Use
Warrior Mini 2 (Battery Included) x 1
MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable x 1
User Manual x 1
Two-Way Pocket Clip x 1
Lanyard Clip x 1
Carabiner-Style Ring x 1
Lanyard x 1
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Love my warrior mini 2 my second most carried light!


Sep 18, 2023, 23:15:31

CS reply:

We're delighted to hear that the product is meeting your needs and working effectively for you!

Sep 19, 2023, 15:07:56

Awesome flashlight, I read a lot of reviews on Amazon (purchased it there) that were very mixed, with people loving it and others giving poor ratings because of it: Overheating in hand Tail switch breaking Mode lockouts However, if they simply read the instructions (as one should always do), they clearly mention how to avoid such issues, and most of the time, they simply didn't understand how it worked. I read them thoroughly and have had no issues so far with my unit. I love the different modes and the incredible lava camo! Not sure how you'd camouflage with lava, but I think I'll test that at Mount Kilauea! My only complaint, albeit small, is when I opened the box, there was no lanyard or the o ring carabiner clip they showed in the contents section of the box. I usually don't use lanyards, but I wish I got the carabiner....thought that would be cool to use. Oh well, at least the unit works...


Sep 18, 2023, 14:21:14

CS reply:

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback on the flashlight! We're glad to hear that you've had a positive experience with it and that you took the time to read the instructions thoroughly. We're sorry to hear that you did not receive certain items, we have sent you an email to try to make things right for you, please kindly check it!

Sep 18, 2023, 17:01:55

Have carried this light with me everyday since I purchased it 3 years ago. At work when I need a little extra illumination I pull it out and turn it on, the rest of the guys say, Eww have to get out the fancy light. lol Another use I have found for the females in the family. If they have to utilize outdoor porta potties in the dark, I take the light and hold it up against the outside of the plastic and it will light up the interior so they can see. First time my wife said wow that really helps, now she says come over here I have to go in here.


Sep 12, 2023, 10:49:21

CS reply:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, we're so glad to hear that this light has been useful in your daily life, and we hope you continue to have a wonderful experience with it!

Sep 12, 2023, 18:26:55

This has been my most used flashlight. In saying that, I have not been disappointed by any of the products I have bought from Olight.


Sep 01, 2023, 11:06:34

CS reply:

We're honored by your positive feedback about our product! It's always a pleasure to know that our hard work is paying off and that our customers are satisfied. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

Sep 04, 2023, 20:38:43

I've used the warrior Mini for a while now is definitely one of my favorite EDC lights I use it at work and around the house and I always pack it when I go hiking caving or on any other adventure even when I don't need a light at all I cannot wait to get the new Warrior Mini too if that's what they choose to send me I just opted into the recall I've held out until this date sorry for posting a warrior mini I just have to say that it's been a standout light that has never failed me.


Sep 07, 2023, 17:46:51

CS reply:

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Warrior mini! We're glad to hear that it has been reliable and useful in various situations! Rest assured, we believe that Warrior Mini 2 won't let you down and will become your new EDC light!

Sep 12, 2023, 20:49:34

This is my favorite o light, I use it all the time and it has not let me down


Aug 29, 2023, 13:47:09

CS reply:

We're incredibly grateful for your wonderful feedback and praise for our product! It's truly rewarding to know that it has made a positive impact in your life. We strive to create products that inspire and delight our customers, and your kind words motivate us to continue delivering excellence. Thank you again for your support!

Aug 29, 2023, 18:04:54

Cool and bright


Aug 19, 2023, 11:36:43

CS reply:

We appreciate your recognition of the quality and performance of our product! Olight will continue to strive towards delivering an even better product experience for you.

Aug 21, 2023, 05:48:38

Love the Lava baby.


Aug 11, 2023, 07:14:10

CS reply:

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our product. We're honored to have earned your trust and loyalty.

Aug 11, 2023, 20:26:56

This is my favorite EDC flashlight. Light-weight, pocket-sized, crazy powerful & bright, and it lasts a long time!


Aug 17, 2023, 00:42:41

CS reply:

We're grateful for your kind words about our product! We're committed to continuous improvement, and your feedback motivates us to keep delivering excellent products. Thank you for choosing us.

Aug 17, 2023, 18:37:03

This has been my main favorite EDC flashlight for quite some time. I love the color scheme this has going as well it is fantastic to look at.


Aug 07, 2023, 23:02:44

CS reply:

We're grateful for your enthusiastic endorsement of our product. Rest assured, we'll continue to listen to our customers and improve our offerings to exceed your expectations.

Aug 08, 2023, 18:29:04

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