✔ Constant Pursuit of Superior

The Warrior X Pro is the upgraded version of Olight's revolutionary product Warrior X, with more appearance options and better performance.

✔ Performance Get Improved

The Warrior X Pro produces an incredible 2,100-lumen output and 500-meter throw that allows you to see clearly in any harsh situation.

✔ Battery Operation Upgrade

Powered by a customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery, the Warrior X Pro features a max runtime of 8 hours, almost double runtime than the original Warrior X.

✔ More Efficient Charging

Quickly get back in action with the super-efficient MCC3 charging cable, which holds 2A current for 100% doubled faster charging than the Warrior X.

✔ Pursue Olight Quality

The redesigned raised tactical tail switch comes with stronger magnetism and aggressive body knurling for a firmer grip, giving you a simpler interface and operating experience than ever before.

*Please note that the new Warrior X Pro has a slight difference in max performance & beam distance than the old one because of the new update of the NW LED.


Beam Distance
1640 ft (500 m)
Max Performance
2,100 lumens
Charging Type
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 5000mAh 21700 Battery
Max Light Intensity
62,500 candela
Light Source
High Performance Neutral White LED
Mode Operation
Tail Switch
Form / Size Factor
Large Size (Deodorant Spray / Coke Can)
2,100~1,000~300 lumens
Run time High
2 minutes + 100 minutes + 23 minutes
300 lumens
Run time Low
8 hours
8.43 oz (239 g)
5.87 in (149 mm)
Base Diameter
1.03 in (26.2 mm)
Carton Box
Hunting, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, etc.
Body Material
Aluminum Alloy
Warrior X Pro (Battery Included) x 1
Stainless Steel Pocket Clip x 1
MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
Tactical Grip Ring x 1
Lanyard x 1
Holster x 1
User Manual x 1
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I own a olight Warriors flashlight, J01072560. Unit operates on flashing mode, no solid beam. Anyone with fix?


Feb 01, 2022, 11:13:07

Had it less than a year and battery won't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes even after sitting on the charger for over night. Tried with multiple chargers. I use this daily for law enforcement work.


Jan 11, 2022, 22:07:54

CS reply:

Dear customer, we are sorry that we cannot reach you here. Please email us at

Jan 12, 2022, 09:18:14

I love my Warrior X-Pro. I have 6-7 Olights, but the X-Pro has given me a lot of problems with the battery. How can I go about purchasing another battery for it and the optional mounting setup for it to mount to a pickeny rail? Great products, I love them. Semper Fi


Dec 31, 2021, 13:41:01

I bought the MR2 warrior pro around 2 years ago and have only been able to charge 3 or 4 times. The magnetic tail switch constantly collects fine metal particles, making it impossible to get it charged even after cleaning the magnet. The proprietary 21700 battery they have also make it impossible to take the battery out and charge it in 21700 charger. So the light is useless. Fortunately they threw a free key chain light in with my order that doesn't have a magnet and charges via USB. This is the only light that works


Nov 17, 2021, 13:38:41

This light is absolutely great for camping and hunting! I highly recommend this excellent high quality light


Oct 30, 2021, 00:17:04

Favorable Comments


Sep 22, 2021, 22:21:20

Took it hiking and it kept my very dark colored dog from vanishing down the trail. It’s simple and tactical. Did you know it vibrates to show battery level????


Sep 20, 2021, 23:34:29

Great flashlight, But as a tactical flashlight I don't understand why the seal underneath the bezel and the glass would glow in the dark after the light being on. ???


Sep 20, 2021, 10:02:49

I carry and use this light every day. Have for a year now. This light is durable bright and has yet to cease to amaze. 10/10 recomend.


Sep 16, 2021, 21:50:56

While surf fishing in the Outer Banks last week I dropped my flashlight in the ocean it was pounded by the waves for over two minutes luckily the light came on and I was able to retrieve the light After inspecting the flashlight it was dry inside and the light is still working I am very pleased with the durability and the brightness of the light


Sep 25, 2020, 18:07:54

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