Watch the video below to know more details about Warrior X Turbo


✔ Better Experience to Explore

The Warrior X Turbo is a new tactical flashlight that produces a far-reaching light beam.

Warrior X Turbo Tan Army Gear Tactical Flashlight

 ✔ Further Throw of Light

In its compact size, the Warrior X Turbo tactical flashlight delivers a max output of 1,100 lumens and a max throw of 1,000 meters.

Army gear tactical flashlight 1,000 meters

✔ Higher-Capacity Battery to Keep

Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery, the Warrior X Turbo enjoys a max runtime of 12.5 hours.

5000mAh 21700 battery tactical flashlight

✔ Newer Security Technology

The upgraded tailcap, the same as the Odin, fits well with the push-to-lock magnetic remote pressure switch.

Warrior X Turbo can achieve a more stable installation

✔ Sharper Focus

Every detail is focused more on the role of tactical lights, focus brings professionalism.

More professional army gear tactical flashlight

✔ More Versatile and Functional

With unbeatable performance and indestructible build, the powerful tactical flashlight Warrior X Turbo is ideal for the professional choice of hunting, search and rescue, or while on duty.

Multifunctional and multipurpose tactical flashlight

✔ Proper Tactical Size

The Warrior X Turbo tactical flashlight delivers an ultra-far throw from a compact body, and enjoys rich accessories, thus applicable in more scenarios, equal to most demanding tasks.

Compact Army Gear Tactical Flashlight Warrior X Turbo

✔ Limited Color for Warrior X Turbo

Brand new classic desert tan in limited edition. Special color in desert tan show your tough attitude.

Warrior X Turbo Tan