X9R Marauder Brightest Flashlight

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New User Extra Benefits:
$10 OFF Order Over $60$15 OFF Order Over $99Register Now >

● Highest brightness level Olight ever produced reaching a max output of 25,000 lumens

● Smart output control to prevent overheating - Proximity sensors that drop the output automatically when the flashlight head approaches a nearby object or the temperature gets too hot

● Battery level display while indicating an 8-level output selection

● Improved built-in heat dissipation system design for more effective cooling of the flashlight body

● Ergonomic design - Milled finger grooves, shoulder strap and concealable strap hole for convenient and comfortable use

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      New User Extra Benefits:
      $10 OFF Order Over $60$15 OFF Order Over $99Register Now >


      The X9R is a culmination of several years of research and development to create the highest-level illumination tool ever built by Olight.

      The 25,000-lumen output is produced by 6 brand new XHP70.2 LED’s for maximum flood and throws performance.

      The X9R comes in a large hard-shell case that can be equipped with locks and features a pressure release dial on the front to protect the light from high elevation and large temperature changes in transit.

      The X9R comes with a removable battery pack, home charger, car charger, shoulder strap, and retainer ring for anti-roll. We are proud of our years of hard work and dedication to produce one of the highest performance/quality and technically advanced flashlights in the world. We hope you enjoy it.


      Olight brightest rechargeable flashlight promise

      Olight brightest rechargeable flashlight promise
      Technical Details
      Beam Distance 2,067 ft(630 m)
      Max Performance 25,000 lumens
      Charge Type DC Adapter
      Compatible Batteries Integrated Battery Pack (Eight 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Included)
      Max Light Intensity 99,200 candela
      Light Source 6 x Cree XHP70.2 CW
      Lens / Reflector Type Orange-peel Reflector - Central Area Big And Flood Area
      Mode Operation Side Switch
      Form / Size Factor Full Extreme Size
      Series Series X (Extreme Performance)
      Level 1 25,000~6400 lumens
      3 minutes + 100 minutes
      Level 2 12,800~6400 lumens
      10 minutes + 90 minutes
      Level 3 6,400 lumens
      2 hours
      Level 4 3,200 lumens
      4 hours
      Level 5 1,600 lumen
      8 hours
      Level 6 800 lumen
      12 hours
      Level 7 400 lumen
      19 hours
      Level 8 200 lumen
      27 hours
      Strobe Yes, 12800 lumens, 13Hz
      SOS / BEACON No
      Waterproof IPX7
      Weight 65.43 oz (1,855 g)
      Length 12.6 in (320 mm)
      Head Diameter 3.94 in (100 mm)
      Body Diameter 2.24 in (57 mm)
      Packaging Carrying Case (Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock-proof)
      Use Search And Rescue, Hunting, Military, Special Operations, Marine, Camping
      • Flashlight Olight X9R x 1
      • Carrying Case x 1
      • Shoulder Strap x 1
      • DC 16.8V 2A Wall Power Adapter x 1
      • DC 16.8V 1.5A Car Charger x 1
      • User Manual x 1
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